How to fix Galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth issues

The Bluetooth issues are common among Android smartphones. And this goes no matter which Android phone you have, even those that are considered the best. Here, we are going to share the solutions on how to fix Galaxy Note 10 Bluetooth issues. If you are experiencing any of the Bluetooth issues, then follow the suggestions here to get rid of it.

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Solution 1: Turn the Bluetooth Off

The basic solution is to turn off the Bluetooth.  Though it is very simple, it is also pretty effective in numerous cases. Turn the Bluetooth back on and then try connecting. If the problem is not resolved, then move to the next solution.

Solution 2: Force Stop Bluetooth

Sometimes some connection errors make the Bluetooth respond badly or halt the process. Forcing the Bluetooth to stop may do the wonder. For that:

  1. Head to the Settings
  2. Select Apps
  3. Tap the 3-dots icon at the right top corner to open the menu
  4. Tap on Show System Apps
  5. Navigate to Bluetooth app
  6. Tap the Force Stop Button

This will stop all the background thread of the Bluetooth app. After a few minutes, turn it back on and try pairing your device. If the problem is still there, then try the next solution.

Solution 3: Clear Bluetooth Cache

Some bad connections fill the cache, troubling the Bluetooth. Clearing them softens up the base for the Bluetooth app to run properly. To clear the cache:

  1. Repeat the steps of Solution 2 up till Navigation to Bluetooth app
  2. Enter the Storage settings
  3. Tap Clear Cache option
  4. Then tap Clear Data option

This will completely clean the cache, removing everything it had stored. Turn the Bluetooth on after a couple of minutes and use it again.

Solution 3: Restart the Device

The restart is a very simple solution to refresh the entire system. This could also be optionally added to the above-mentioned solutions. Restart your Galaxy Note 10 and then try connecting the Bluetooth. If it is a system glitch, then it will certainly be resolved with the restart.

Solution 4: Remove the Paired Devices

For some users, the connectivity problem may still persist. That could be a pairing issue between the devices. Especially between the cars’ infotainment system and Note 10. The pairing could be deleted this way:

  1. Go to Connections > Bluetooth
  2. See the list of available devices
  3. Click on the device and select Unpair

This will remove the device. It is suggested that you may also clear the Bluetooth list of the other devices as it might be troubled. Then try pairing the devices again.

Solution 5: Factory Data Reset

Factory data reset is only recommended if none of the solutions have solved the Bluetooth issue. Backup your data from the phone before you run the factory data reset. For the factory data reset:

  1. Use Volume Down and Power key at the same time and hold them both to turn off the phone.
  2. Press the Volume up + Power button and hold them both until the Samsung logo appears, then release both keys.
  3. When the phone is in Recovery mode, choose the option Wipe data/factory reset. To scroll down through the options, use the volume keys.
  4. Your answer to the Recovery question is Yes.
  5. Complete the process by selecting Reboot system now.

Let it perform. It may take over 5 minutes to complete. After the process completes, try pairing the Bluetooth. If this was any kind of a serious system error, it should be resolved with the Factory Data Reset.

Hardware Issue:

If the software solutions do not resolve the problem at all, then it could be a hardware fault. The Bluetooth component in your Note 10 might have a problem that is causing connection issues. In that case, head to your closest Samsung store.