How to fix error WS-37403-7 on PS4

If you keep getting error WS-37403-7 on your Play Station 4, it shows up most likely due to connectivity-related issues and problems with Sony servers. In this article, we will show you a few ways to fix this and get rid of the error, so continue reading. Potential solutions are listed below.

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How to fix error WS-37403-7 on Play Station 4

Here are some things you can try when the error WS-37403-7 shows up.

Update the software

Make sure that your console is running the latest software version. If not, download and install it.

Are there server issues?

One of the reasons the error shows up is that there is some problem with Sony servers. To check that, you can go to the official Status page and choose your country or region. You can check it using your PS4 as well. To do that:

  • Head over to the Home screen
  • Choose Settings
  • Choose Network
  • And finally, choose View Status of PlayStation Network Services

Restart your modem and your router

The next thing you can do is restart your modem and router and then try again.

Restart your PlayStation 4

Another thing you can do is log out, then restart your Play Station 4 and log back in.


Keep in mind that issues may occur when you have a Wi-Fi connection, but it is slow or keeps dropping. If that’s the case, make sure to contact your provider so they can fix the issue.


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