How to enable Smart Data Saver on Honor 20

Using your Honor 20 wouldn’t be much fun without the Internet connection, right? You can use Wi-Fi and mobile data. And while Wi-Fi is a great option that you can use at your home, office, friend’s house or the coffee shop, it is not available just about everywhere. But, the great thing is that we have mobile data plans that allow us to have an Internet connection wherever we go. If you want to be extra careful when it comes to your package and costs, you can adjust some settings. Here, we are going to show you how to enable Smart Data Saver on Honor 20.

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How to enable Smart Data Saver on Honor 20

Here is how you can enable this super useful feature:

  • Open the Settings from the Home screen
  • Tap on Mobile network
  • Now tap on Data usage
  • Tap on Smart Data Saver
  • There is a switch next to the Smart Data Saver option, just toggle it and you will enable the feature.

Smart Data Saver will reduce data usage by preventing the apps from sending or receiving data in the background. It will also limit the data for the apps you are using.

When Smart Data Saver is enabled, the receipt of emails and messages can be delayed.

When you enable the feature, you can add exemptions. In other words, you can choose the apps you want and allow them unrestricted access to data even when this feature is enabled.