How to Delete All Music from iPhone iOS 8

For some iPhone users, iPhone is a place to store their music collection to be able to enjoy on the go. This concept is here for years, since Walkman in the 90s. iPhone users are using iTunes interface software on their computer to transfer music from iTunes library to their iPhone. This method has existed since the first iPod was launched and keep going strong. Through iTunes they do settings related to the addition and reduction of contents including music.

On music application on the iPhone, there is a thing that you can do without iTunes software, such as creating a playlist. But most of the settings for the music content is handled by iTunes like to change the song titles, album art, etc. This limitation is rightly so, considering the iPhone is kind a limited mobile device in terms of complexity that supposed to be handled by a desktop application like iTunes. Some users complained and some other understood this limitation. The most questioned thing asked by users related to the music is: “How to delete all the music from my iPhone? Maybe they want to do this because they want to free up storage space. If you are the one who has this issue, iOS 8 provides a method to delete all music on your iPhone without using iTunes on your computer.

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Step to Delete All Musics from iPhone iOS 8

These steps can be applied for iPad and iPod touch with iOS 8 installed

Go to Settings >. Usage >> Manage Storage


How to Delete All Music from iPhone iOS 8

Tap Music

How to Delete All Music from iPhone iOS 8

Tap edit


Tap Delete all

How to Delete All Music from iPhone iOS 8

iPhone need a little time in order to delete the content, and it will depend on your iPhone version and how much music you want to delete. I suggest you to not to interrupt the process and simply let it work, until it’s finished before you use your iPhone again.