How to convert a DMG file to ISO on Windows

Mac and Windows computers are using disk image files but of a different type. DMG files are used on a Mac, while ISO files are used on a Windows PC. A DMG file is usable only for those who have a Mac. If you have a Windows PC, you won’t be able to mount a DMG file. In order to mount the file on a Windows PC, you will have to convert the file to ISO first. Here, we are going to show you how you can do just that.

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To convert a DMG file to ISO, you will have to download dmg2img and install it on your PC. To do that, click on this link, scroll down, and then download Win32 binary.

When the file downloads, head over to your File Explorer and open the Downloads folder (or another folder that you have selected for the files you download).

Find the file, right-click on it, and choose the option “Extract all”. Click Extract.

Open Command Prompt App on your PC.

You will need to use this command to convert DMG file to ISO file:

dmg2img.exe {source file.dmg} {destination file.iso}

For instance, you want to convert a DMG file called Game.dmg, the command would look like this:

dmg2img.exe c:\Game.dmg c:\Game.iso

Once you type the command to Command Prompt hit Enter and the process will begin.

Wait for a while until the process is completed. Once done, the file will be converted to ISO and you’ll be able to mount it to a CD drive or burn the ISO image to your disc.