How to Change Video Quality on Crunchyroll

Do you watch many Crunchyroll videos but do not know how to change the video quality? You don't need to worry. This article will explain clearly how you can change the video quality of a Crunchyroll video. Once you have understood the steps mentioned here, you need to follow them as mentioned when you watch a Crunchyroll video. This will help you change the video quality to any type of video quality available on the Crunchyroll video you are watching. There are six types of video qualities available on a Crunchyroll video. You can switch between these qualities while watching a Crunchyroll video.

Log in

Before changing the video quality of a Crunchyroll video, you need to log in first to the Crunchyroll platform. Logging in to the Crunchyroll platform is quite easy and simple. Go to the Crunchyroll website. Now, look for the ‘login’ option at the top portion. Once you find this ‘login’ option, click on it. You will then be shown a form asking for your email and password. Provide the email address and password you used to create the Crunchyroll account. Once you have entered the email and password, click on the ‘log in’ option. This will log you into the Crunchyroll platform.

Play a video

The next step after successfully logging in to the Crunchyroll platform is to play the video for which you would like to change the video quality.

You can search for the video to be played using the search box available in the top-right area of the Crunchyroll webpage. Alternatively, you can browse for the video from the library of videos available on the Crunchyroll platform. You can start browsing by going to the ‘shows’ option near the top of the Crunchyroll webpage. Also, you can select to play a video displayed under the ‘featured shows’ heading. Once you have searched for the video you want to play and for which you want to change the video quality settings, you need to click on that video to play it.

Please note here that you will not be able to play those videos that are categorized as Premium. These videos are only available to be played by Crunchyroll users who have subscribed to the Crunchyroll Premium membership plan. If you are a Crunchyroll Premium subscriber, you can play these Premium videos without any problem.

Change video quality

The final step is to change the video quality for the video you selected to play in the previous step. To change the video quality, you must first ensure that the video has started playing. Once the video has started playing, you need to go to the gear icon in the video player and click on the gear icon. When you press on the gear icon present in the video player, you will see a pop-up menu opening up. This pop-up menu will have an option of ‘quality’. What you need to do now is click on this option. After clicking on this option, another pop-up menu will open up. With this, there will be six options available. These six options are the six video quality settings. You can choose from any one of these six video quality options. You can try switching to each of these video quality options one by one, and then whichever option suits you best, and you can keep that option selected.

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