How to cancel Apple TV Plus subscription

Life happens, and knowing how to stop recurring charges from pushing a bank account over the limit is important knowledge. Websites can sometimes create sneaky loopholes, making it difficult to end subscriptions in an attempt to keep customers for longer. In this article, we’ll walk through the steps of canceling Apple TV + Subscription.

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Consider the price

It’s understandable to have a need to know how to manage a subscription. As far as streaming services go, however, Apple TV+ is one of the most generous! For only 4.99 a month, you’re part of the family. This is a considerable difference when pitting Apple against other popular streaming sites, such as Netflix or Hulu.

Another great part about Apple TV- you get a whole year free, with the purchase of any Apple product! So, if you’re in the search for good content and a new device, Apple offers one of the best offers. After that, if you remain unimpressed, it’s as easy as following the steps below to end the subscription before you are charged. Apple TV + also comes free with any Student Plan.

Other Apple subscriptions Information

All Apple subscriptions will automatically renew themselves. If you have paid for the current month, if you decide to cancel, the content will remain available until the next billing date. If you are doing a free trial, however, the content will be locked away instantly the moment you cancel.

It is important to remember that you must cancel any free trials of subscriptions at least 24 hours prior to the charge. Otherwise, there is a chance your card will be billed for the upcoming month, and will only cancel for the month after that.

Ending and managing subscriptions is important to keep in mind. The steps below have detailed exactly how to achieve this. You can also reach out to Apple Support at any given time, and have a representative walk you through the process.

Ending subscription using an Apple Device

With Apple products, everything is connected. This allows for a very easy process when it comes to canceling any sort of recurring charge. First, one must head into the App Store, recognizable by its light blue color and the white A. You can also find it easily through the search bar.

Once inside the app store, the next step is to click on your profile. From there, clicking on subscriptions will take you directly to all the recurring payments that are connected with your Apple account. Scroll until you find Apple TV +. After clicking on it, you should be able to end the subscription. Be aware, however, that subscription will end instantly. If you are working through a free trial, its recommended that you wait until the last day, to get the maximum out of it.

Ending subscription using other methods

When using an Apple TV, the subscriptions are managed through the settings app. Begin by using your remote to choose the ‘settings’ option. After that, a new screen will show. Here you will be able to spot a ‘subscriptions’ option. Using the same method as before, choose this option, then search for Apple TV + to unsubscribe.

A Mac can also be used to end a subscription. Just as with a tablet or a phone, the subscriptions are managed from the app store. Simply head into your profile by clicking on your Apple ID, then head over to subscriptions. From there, all you need to do is choose to ‘manage’ said subscriptions. Unsubscribing will then just be another click away.