How to boot Samsung Galaxy A30 into Safe Mode

Safe mode is a pretty practical option available on every Android smartphone or tablet, including Samsung Galaxy A30. As we install many apps from the Play Store, we must keep in mind that some of them might be poorly coded, which can cause a variety of issues on the phone. But, when you experience a problem on the smartphone, how can you be sure a third-party app is to blame? Simple, all you need to do is enable the Safe mode and see how the phone behaves. Let’s see how to boot Samsung Galaxy A30 into Safe mode.

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How to boot Samsung Galaxy A30 into Safe Mode

So, if you are having some issues with your phone, you can check if one of the apps you have installed is creating that issue. When you boot the phone into Safe mode, all third-party apps will be turned off. And right there, you need to monitor how the phone behaves. If there are no issues and everything works just fine, one of the apps is causing the problem. To get rid of it, you can uninstall the apps one by one until the issue is gone or perform a factory data reset.

Here is how to enable Safe mode:

  • Press and hold the Power button on your smartphone
  • When you see the Power off option, press and hold it
  • After a couple of seconds, you will see “Restart in Safe mode.”
  • Tap twice on Safe mode
  • The phone will boot into Safe mode, and you will see “Safe mode” written in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

Now monitor the phone. When you are done with Safe mode and want to go back to, let’s say, regular working mode, reboot the phone as you usually do.