How to Fix LG V30 Bluetooth Issues

The wireless technology of Bluetooth is used to connect to devices such as headphones, music system in cars, fitness equipment, computers etc. Transfer of music, videos, and files is super easy with this technology. But if it fails to work,  things get annoying. Some LG V30 users have been facing this issue. So, we have compiled a quick guide for you to fix LG V30 Bluetooth issues.

Some common issues of Bluetooth that the LG V30 users have been complaining are – device not found and frequent connection drop. Before you try to fix the problem go to Settings > Bluetooth and check if everything is right. If you find the Settings are good then you can proceed with some of the fixes. Here is how to fix LG V30 Bluetooth issues.

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How To Fix LG V30 Bluetooth Issues

How to Fix LG V30 Bluetooth Issues

Clear Cache

Clearing the cache of an app not only clears space but also fixes several software problems. This solution has worked for most users and will definitely fix the problem of Bluetooth on your LG V30. Follow the steps below to Clear Cache of Bluetooth app.

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to the General tab and scroll to Apps
  • When you are on Apps you need to tap on the filter to select from three options – All, Enabled and Disabled
  • Once done you will find the list of apps displayed
  • Locate Bluetooth and then tap Storage
  • Next Tap on Clear Cache and then select Yes. Doing this will clear the cache of Bluetooth.

Now go back and try to establish the connection again with the desired device.

Delete All Paired Devices

Sometimes the settings of the device paired may be the cause of the problem. Follow the steps below to delete the paired device and then pair it back again to fix LG V30 Bluetooth issues.

Steps to Remove a Paired Device

  • Go to Settings and head over to Networks tab
  • On this screen select Bluetooth
  • You will find a list of paired devices listed under it
  • Select the Settings icon(in the shape of a gear) beside the paired device and click  Unpair. Remember to hold the Unpair for a few seconds before you release it. Simply clicking on it will not unpair the device.
  • Now Turn Off the Bluetooth and exit the screen and restart the device.

Steps to Pair a Device 

  • Go to Settings once again and then go to Networks
  • Tap on Bluetooth and toggle it On
  • Next select Search and wait for your phone to locate the device
  • You will get a prompt to pair the device. First, verify the passkey and then proceed by tapping on Pair. The passkey by default is 0000. Many Bluetooth headsets will connect without a password.
  • Accept the pairing on the other device too
  • When the pairing process is complete the device will be displayed under Paired Devices.

Wait for a Software Update

Users who are facing LG V30 Bluetooth issues with multiple devices will have to wait for a software update from LG. Updates come with fixes and it will address this problem too.

Get in Touch With Car Manufacturer

If your Bluetooth is working fine with other devices but giving trouble when you are pairing it with your car’s music system then there is a problem with that device. You should get in touch with your car manufacturer to have the problem fixed.

The steps mentioned above are easy to follow and will fix the Bluetooth issues of your LG V30 in no time.

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