How To Fix LG V10 Overheating Issue

Is your new LG V10 overheating very frequently after short usage?  What you need to do is start implementing the below-mentioned solutions and get rid of the LG V10 overheating issue. Any electronic device is bound to get warm after a long stretch of uses but things should not be overlooked when the device starts getting hot. As this might eventually damage other parts of the smartphone and may cause some other problems and bugs on your device.

The most common reasons and solutions of LG V10 overheating issue are explained here.

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Potential Fixes For LG V10 Overheating Issue

Solution 1: Restart

One of the main reasons why the LG V10 gets hot after a short span of use is no rest. Do you actually remember when you have last switched off or else restarted your device? It may be that you are using the phone all through the day playing games, watching movies and using other apps while it is being kept in charging all through the night. Then this is obvious that your phone will get hot for no apparent reason. To keep any phone in good condition what you need to do is restart the device once in 2-3 days and also give it some rest off and on.


Solution 2: Remove the case if using

Spending money in a protective case is no doubt a good investment that protects the device from fall and accident but this might act as the reason of overheating sometimes.  So, just take out your LG V10 once from the case and see if it can resolve the issue. If yes, then keep your phone out of the case and let it have fresh air very often while you can also go for having another case to get rid of the overheating issue.


Solution 3: Disable unnecessary features and functions

Animated wallpaper looks good on the brand new LG V10 device but too many of features activated at once can cause the phone to work slowly while it gets hot as well for no reason. For example, if the animated wallpaper in your device is being activated with several widgets such as clock widget, music widget, calendar widget and more it is pretty obvious that the processor is to work hard to run all those things altogether which finally can result in overheating of the device. So, to keep the phone in good condition, disable the unneeded features and functionalities and the overheating as well as battery drain issue will be resolved to a great extent.


Solution 4: Heavy load for a long time

Another possible reason for the LG V10 overheating issue is a heavy load for a long time. LG V10 is packed with a powerful processor to offer the fast performance. But it does not mean that you can put heavy load all through the day and the phone will not get hot at all. Heavy gaming, streaming etc. at a stretch for long duration eats a great amount of battery and finally makes the device hot with time. Content streaming of high definition and clarity consume great battery amount while it also requires a load of data connection which ultimately have the effect of the whole device. However, you can always stream high-quality videos, content and play games but ensure your device get some rest in between to prevent it from getting hot.


Solution 5: Too many apps running in background

There are many apps that just start running as soon as the device is powered on and this is a great reason why your LG V10 gets hot. Sometimes users are even unknown of the fact and it squeezes a great amount of battery and makes the device hot for no such reason. So, first check the apps running in the background and then uninstall them if not required or else put them in hibernation mode when not in use. Greenify app is the best solution to get these things done.


Solution 6: Check for water damage

Water damage is another reason that makes the device hot. So try remembering if your phone has recently suffered from any accident such as if it was drooped in liquid, or else any physical damage etc. The best way to check the water damage is by using LDI (Liquid damage indicator) stickers in your device. If it indicates that your device is having water damage then take it to the technician immediately and get it repaired.


Solution 7: Wipe cache partition

Sometimes too many cache can give rise to this overheating issue in your device. So what is needed to do is wiping the cache and then check if your LG V10 is performing normally.

  • To wipe cache partition, power off the device completely
  • Next press and hold down the volume up, power, home button altogether for few seconds till the LG logo is appeared on the screen.
  • When the recovery menu appears, use volume down button to navigate and power button to select something.
  • Thus highlight the ‘wipe cache partition’ option and confirm it pressing the power button.
  • Finally, reboot the system.


Solution 8: Defective battery

Finally, if you have tried all explained solutions but still the situation is same, then there are chances that the battery of your LG V10 is actually defective and it is the main culprit of the issue. To check the battery, take it out from your device and try using another battery borrowing from your friend. If the phone reacts normally by exchanging the battery then it must be the defective battery, so replace it and your issue will get resolved then.


So, all the possible fixes are explained here following which you can easily resolve the LG V10 overheating issue. However, if the issue still persists, then it’s better to take the device to a technician for repairing or else go for replacing the battery if you are still under warranty.

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