How To Fix HTC One M9 Overheating Issue

The experience when using your smartphone will go from spectacular to awful as soon as you notice a problem. There are some issues that you can fix with a few clicks, but there are some problems that require a bit more effort and time, which is the case with HTC M9 overheating issue. This is not the problem that occurs on this device only. It is something that bothers owners of many other smartphones, and it is one of the “usual” issues, but hey, we all know the smartphones are not perfect. Before you run to your carrier or to the store where you purchased your device, try a few things we have prepared to fix HTC One M9 overheating issue. In case the potential solutions don’t solve the issue, then turn to your carrier and ask for a replacement device.

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Ways to fix HTC One M9 overheating issue



#1 When using your device for, let’s say two hours to play a demanding game, your smartphone will overheat. It is advisable to avoid such a things, and as soon as you notice your device is getting hot, let it cool down.

#2 You should not use your device while it’s charging.


Solution No.1: Remove the case

If you are using a case for your HTC One M9, remove it and see will it make any difference. For many people, this solved the problem.


Solution No.2: Problem when using a specific app

Some users noticed the overheating problem occurs only when they are using a specific app. If you noticed the same thing, first make sure the app is up to date by opening the Play Store app. If that doesn’t help, clear the apps cache and data. Still the same? Remove the application from your device and install it again. If that doesn’t solve the problem, try replacing the app with the other, similar one if possible.


Solution No.3: Disable High-performance option

When this option is enabled it makes the processor on the smartphone to run on the higher frequency, but the downside is that when it is activated it may lead to battery draining and overheating issues. You can find it in the Developer options. Go to Settings > About > Software Information > More. You will have to tap on “Build number” several times until you see the message saying you are a developer. Now, make sure the high-performance option is disabled.


Solution No.4: Check your micro SD card

The problem can be caused by the faulty micro SD card. Your device will try to read it and if it is faulty it won’t be possible and after some period of time, your phone will start to get warm. Remove your SD card from your device and see how the phone is working, or put another SD card if you have it. If everything seems fine, it is the time to get rid of the old micro SD card.


Solution No.5: Power Saver mode

Using the power saver mode will decrease the temperature, so make sure to enable this option when you notice your HTC One M9 is getting hot. Go to Settings and tap Power.


Solution No.6: Update the software on your HTC One M9

Whenever the new version of software becomes available you should download and install it. The update fixes the bugs and glitches and improves the performance of your smartphone which is why it is so important to install it. You can manually check for updates by doing the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap System update
  • Tap Check for new system update
  • If there is an update available click on “Download”
  • Once download process is completed, tap Install
  • Click OK


As I said at the beginning of the article, if the solutions listed here don’t solve the problem, make sure to contact your carrier and ask for a replacement device.



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