Common iOS 12 Issues and their fixes

Apple iOS 12 is one of the best operating systems the company has launched in a long time. The interface has been revamped so that it seamlessly works with all their new devices that no longer utilize a home button. While you can enjoy it on your iPhone and iPad, there are some common iOS 12 issues and their fixes should help you make the most out of your products. For a minor user group, they still couldn’t update to the latest OS because download and installation wouldn’t work properly. You should check the compatibility of your device and make sure to send an error report to Apple to let them know the situation.

Common iOS 12 issues and ways to fix them

Issue 1: Display Colors are Not Vibrant

The OLED displays are known for their amazing brightness levels and color contrast ratio. The iPhone X was the first phone to adopt this technology but users on Reddit suggest that their displays are not as good looking as they used to be. According to a couple of posts, the new iOS 12 update has affected the color levels on the smartphone.

iOS 12 Issues Display color

Method 1: Tweaking the Settings

  1. In the new operating system, you can just swipe on the right corner of your display to get the Settings page
  2. Find the meter that pertains to the brightness levels
  3. Adjust it so that it is set on the highest level
  4. If you have multiple iOS devices, check the same on a different device that doesn’t have an OLED display to confirm if your iPhone X is working fine
  5. Newer phones have not been caught in this issue much, except for the iPhone X

Issue 2: You Never Received the iOS 12 OTA Update

It is easy to guess that most people are keen to download the new OS as quickly as possible but a few haven’t received the OTA update yet. There are some reasons why you may have not received the update and probably you are already running the latest version. You might have not noticed it yet due to the version numbering style.

Method 1: You are Beta Channel

  1. Make sure you are using a compatible version of the iPhone or iPad as older devices are slowly being removed off the list
  2. iOS 11 GM is iOS 12 because you are already on the developer build for the operating system and there is no need to upgrade
  3. The numbers, however, might confuse you and make you feel you are still running an older version

Method 2: Manually install iOS 12

  1. Head to the Settings page
  2. Open the General tab
  3. Click on Software Update and let your device find any new updates available
  4. Tap download and install if it finds an iOS 12 update ready to be done
  5. Once the download is finished, it might take another 15 minutes to complete the installation

iOS 12 Install

Issue 3: Camera Filters, Stickers and Text Effects are Not Working

If you have been fumbling really hard to find the camera filters and stickers to create Snapchat like effect, it’s time to check the model of your device. Unless you are using one of the new tablets or the iPhone 6S or higher, you will not be able to find this feature. The feature can be found only on the 6th gen iPad, 2nd generation iPad Pro models but will not be released on any older devices.

Issue 4: Personal Hotspot Not Working on iOS 12

Some users have confirmed that their iPhones no longer allow them to create their own hotspot ever since they have updated to the newest operating system. Here are some easy fixes for it.

Method 1: Use Airplane Mode for a Couple of Minutes

  1. Turning on Airplane mode and leaving it on for a couple of minutes could help
  2. You can find it in your Settings page or in the panel that you can get by swiping down
  3. It will switch off all connections and restart it that could solve most problems

Method 2: Switching it Off and Back On

  1. It’s as simple as it sounds
  2. Switch off your personal hotspot and switch it back on again
  3. Change your password and make sure your mobile network is working properly

iOS 12 airplane mode

Method 3: Reset Your Network Settings

  1. Open the Settings page
  2. Tap on General
  3. Scroll to find the option named Reset
  4. Open it and tap Reset Network Settings
  5. Try using your own hotspot again

Issue 5: The Keyboard is Glitchy on iOS 12

Have you come across a situation when your keyboard abruptly hangs while you are typing? While it might sound annoying, it is something that many users have come across in the new iOS 12 update. While the actual problem should be solved by Apple in a future update, you can follow these fixes to bring things under control.

Method 1: Free Up Some Space

  1. The internal storage could cause lots of issues when there isn’t enough space for apps to work with
  2. Offload some of the apps and games that you no longer use
  3. You can also offload unused apps automatically by switching it on in General>iPhone Storage>Offload Unused Apps

iOS 12 Free up space

Method 2: Switch Off the Option Reachability

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap to open General and find the option Accessibility
  3. You can tap to toggle the Reachability feature off to avoid these keyboard glitches

Method 3: Reduce Motion Should be Turned Off

  1. Open Settings by tapping on the icon
  2. Find General and then open Accessibility option
  3. Tap to switch off the Reduce Motion option which tries to create a parallax effect which might create issues in your keyboard’s performance

Issue 6: Your Apps are Crashing More Ever Since the Update

Another common problem which can be addressed at the user end until the developers release better updates for their applications. The apps have started crashing more frequently than they used to, according to many users on social media and iOS forums.

Method 1: Update Apps to the Latest Version

  1. If you have missed updating all your apps and games after moving to iOS 12, you should probably do it now
  2. Tap to open the App store on your iPhone or iPad
  3. Open apps individually to check if there are new updates
  4. Update them all
  5. Force quit all open apps and reopen them
  6. Keep using and see if all of them crash. The issue should be fixed for most apps

Issue 7: Bluetooth Not Working Properly on iPhones

Connectivity issues are often prevalent every time a new operating system is rolled out. A bunch of users complain that Bluetooth on their iPhones is not as seamless as it used to be ever since they started using iOS 12. The issue could be caused by many factors but the change in OS is suspected to be the main issue. You can still do some tweaks and reset them all to see if it works.

Method 1: Just Toggle it On and Off

  1. Open your Settings page on your smartphone
  2. Find the option named Bluetooth
  3. Toggle it off and switch it back on
  4. You can also access it by swiping your finger from the top of the display
  5. It will open the tray where you can use the icon to switch off and switch Bluetooth back on

Method 2: Reset Your Network Settings

  1. Open the Settings page
  2. Head to General option
  3. Open Reset
  4. Tap on Reset Network Settings and wait for the process to be complete
  5. Check if your Bluetooth works fine now
  6. You can also pair up Bluetooth headphones to check if the connection is stable

iOS 12 Network settings

Issue 8: Improper Storage Being Displayed

The iOS devices have been glitchy when it comes to displaying available storage space. Even when you have gigabytes of free space, it shows that your apps have already filled up the available space and some of them should be deleted.

Method 1: Connect to your Mac or PC

  1. The problem, as reported by some users, can be fixed by connecting your device via cable to your Mac or PC
  2. Check the space on your system and it often shows the right number
  3. The device later revises the available space and displays what is available properly

iOS 12 Improper storage

Final Words

While Apple has been really quick to identify and address most issues, software glitches and app crashing or connectivity problems do happen whenever there is a completely new operating system to be upgraded. You don’t have to wait for updates but rather implement some changes in your usage pattern so that it gives time for app developers and Apple to roll out new updates.

The company has already rolled out iOS 12.1 to fix the charge gate issue found on iPhone XS and XS Max devices. They are focusing on new devices now while connectivity problems and other identified iOS issues will be fixed eventually in future updates. You should also check out forums where common iOS 12 Issues and their fixes are discussed by users who often have many practical solutions to the problems you face.