9.7-inch 2018 Apple iPad 6th Gen (A1954) Real Life Images Leaked from NCC

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The Apple iPad 6th Gen, which is identified by the model number A1954, went official during an exclusive Apple event held in March. Real life images of the product have leaked online through the Taiwanese certification site, NCC, and this is the first time it has been spotted out of the closed circle of people who attended the event.

Unlike other major technology events, Apple maintains a niche circle of press people and technology enthusiasts who get to see their products on day one. The new iPad sports the same 9.7-inch display which was originally envisioned by Steve Jobs and has identical looks as the iPad 5th generation model.

The big difference is that the latest version of the tablet sports a new, more powerful processor and now supports the Apple Pencil. The idea is to make the tablet more accessible and used by school students and college goers who can get lots of things done on it than using a laptop. The intuitive pencil, touchscreen interface when combined with amazing iOS apps, should be a great way for young kids to learn their subjects.

iPad 2018 6th Gen Design and Specifications

The new Apple iPad is primarily geared towards the education sector and comes with a discounted pricing of $299 for educators even though it sports the same specifications as the consumer model. The device sports a 9.7-inch display with a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixel. Under the premium metal build, it uses the latest A10 Fusion chip and has an 8-megapixel rear camera. The camera supports a range of features including face detection, auto image stabilization and many more to capture those amazing moments.

It promises 10 hours of battery life, has the home button, unlike the iPhone X which uses Face ID to unlock and supports the Apple Pencil. The new iPad 6th gen runs on iOS 11 out of the box and costs $329 but it doesn’t include the Pencil which costs $99 and should be purchased individually.

A Powerful A10 Fusion Chip

The best reason that we could find to upgrade to the newest iPad or buy one is that of the new powerful A10 Fusion chip used in it. The processor makes everything better by providing a buttery smooth iOS 11 experience and even allows you to comfortably edit 4K videos on the tablet. Apple’s App store is slowly getting populated with more augmented reality apps and such a processor is essential to make it work seamlessly.

While they have explicitly stated that the device is made for multi-tasking, it’s just another reason to upgrade to be able to open many apps simultaneously, which is essential in the education sector. The large screen size of the tablet will make it possible to accommodate FaceTime calls, Calculator, a game or any other app by using the screen real estate available.

Is the Apple Pencil Worth it at $99?

From a buyer’s perspective, spending $99 for an accessory might sound very expensive and it is! The Apple Pencil can be used in a wide range of applications and the overall pricing of the iPad has come down a lot, close to the $300 mark making it more affordable than ever.

With the Pencil, an artist should be able to create life-like images and students can draw their biology drawings. They can even add notes from the internet, use illustrations found online to further enhance their work. Business people would find it extremely convenient to take notes and the same goes for college students as well who can use the 9.7-inch iPad more like a college book than a laptop or tablet. It also allows you to create marks, or draw questions on an e-mail before sending them.

The practical applications are many and it might set you back by $430 to own the entire package but the investment should last years, according to Apple and some early reviews. The Apple Pencil will last 12 hours on a single charge but the design is a bit risky when you have to connect it to the tablet to charge. You should be careful to not break it when it is plugged into the iPad.

Images Leaked on NCC

The real life images of the new iPad 2018 6th generation model have been included here so that you can check them out and see how the product looks like in reality. These images surfaced in Taiwan’s official certification site, NCC. The reviews suggest the cheaper model should make iPads more accessible to the masses and also reach those in developing countries. The support for Pencil and better processor makes it an ideal tablet to own in 2018, says most tech reviewers.

Everything that users loved about the Apple iPad 5th generation has been implemented in the 6th gen 9.7-inch iPad but in a much better way. The new tablet supports the Pencil which was previously usable only with the Pro models and more expensive iPads. It also comes with a newer processor, iOS11, and reliable battery life so that you could probably use it in a school or college all day without running out of battery. As Apple products have always been intuitive, convincing people to buy it shouldn’t be so difficult especially when the manufacturer is willing to bring the price down.

Apple has confirmed that the 9.7-inch iPad 2018 will be launching in major countries in a sequential order and pricing will almost match the United States price tag of $329 in conversion. It is now evident that the iPad is going to hit the shelves in Taiwan.

In other rumors, it is being claimed that Apple has planned to launch three different versions of the iPhone X and one of them will sport an LCD display and will be more affordable than the $999 version of the iPhone X available in the market now. We’ll have to wait for more details to surface later this year!

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