5 Ways To Fix IPhone 6 Stuck In Headphones Mode

In case your iPhone 6 is stuck on headphones mode, there are a couple of simple solutions that can fix it. The issue usually appears when the phone gets wet, but sometimes, as many other strange glitches and bugs, it may appear just like that. Many iPhone 6 users had the same problem, and they were able to get rid of it with some easy to do steps without the assistance from Apple, and you will do the same. You’ll find 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 stuck in headphones mode listed below, and just follow the given steps. One of them will work, and you will be able to hear the sound and audio normally again.

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5 ways to fix iPhone 6 stuck in headphones mode

5 ways to fix iPhone 6 stuck in headphones mode

5 ways to fix iPhone 6 stuck in headphones mode

 Solution No.1: Toggle Airplane mode  .

As you probably already know, toggling Airplane mode often solves issues when you have no service on your device, or when you are experiencing Wi-Fi issues. But also, this simple step can fix the problem when iPhone 6 is stuck in the headphones mode. What you should do is this: go to Settings > Airplane mode, and turn it on. Now, wait for a little while, and turn the Airplane mode off.

  Solution No.2: Sucking though earphone jack/connector/speaker outlets   .

We know you think this sounds pretty strange, and many people react the same when they see what they need to do, but keep in mind that this “crazy” solution worked for many users, so you should definitely try it out.

 Solution No.3: Plug and unplug the headphones in and out for a couple of times  .

This step is also a very simple one, but most importantly, it’s efficient. Make sure to plug and unplug the headphones in and out from your iPhone 6. for a couple of times, seven or eight for instance.

  Solution No.4: Restart your iPhone   .

If the previous solutions did not solve the issue, you should restart your iPhone. To do that, press and hold the sleep/wake button, and move the slider to power off. When the device is off, again, press and hold the sleep/wake button, to turn it back on. Hopefully, this will work.

 Solution No.5: Erase all content and settings  .

This solution is useful for all kinds of iPhone issues, including this issue, when iPhone 6 is stuck in the headphones mode. Before you do this, make sure to back up your device to iCloud, and when you do, you’ll be ready to start. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Settings and tap on General
  • Choose Reset
  • Tap on Erase all Content and Settings
  • Confirm the action
  • Your device will reboot


We are certain one of 5 ways to fix iPhone 6 stuck in headphones mode will solve the problem you are experiencing, because for many people who had the same issue, one of the listed solutions was a success.

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