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5 Ways To Fix IPhone Firmware Not Compatible

Updating or restoring your iPhone is not always simple, especially when you stumble on some errors. Some of the iPhone users have been complaining about the error: “the iPhone cannot be updated because the firmware file is not compatible”. With that issue, you cannot perform update or restore. However, we have prepared 5 ways to fix iPhone firmware not compatible for you, and you can try them out because you will probably solve the problem.

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 5 ways to fix iPhone firmware not compatible



Solution No.1: Reboot your computer

Start with the simplest solution. Reboot your computer. After you do that, connect your device to the computer, and start iTunes. Try to update or restore again.


Solution No.2: Disable your antivirus

For some reason, antivirus you have may cause certain issues, and when you have any trouble with restoring or updating your device, this solution may help.


Solution No.3: Update iTunes

Make sure that you have the latest iTunes version available. Open the program, find the option Check for updates. In many cases, once you update the software, the problem with the firmware disappears.


Solution No.4: Restoring in DFU mode

Restart your computer, and launch iTunes. The next step is to connect the USB cable to your computer, but do not connect your device. Hold the home and sleep buttons on your device, and once the screen on your iPhone goes blank, continue holding Home button, but release the sleep button. Keep holding the button and connect the device to your computer via USB cable. Your phone should be recognized by the program (iTunes), and once that happens, release the button.


Solution No.5: Reinstall iTunes

In some cases, the update will not solve the problem and you can try to fix it by reinstalling iTunes. When you uninstall the program, files will be removed, and among them is maybe something that is causing the problem. From the official page, download and install the program again.
Mostly, these 5 ways to fix iPhone firmware not compatible will solve the problem. If not, make sure to contact Apple or visit one of their nearest stores.

  1. Tried all of these. Reboot? Didn’t do anything. Disable antivirus? Nothing happens. Update Itunes? Can’t connect to the Itunes server either. Hold home and power button? Still doesn’t connect or update. And the last one just seems like a waste of time since the official Itunes download website doesn’t work for me. I feel like I’m Apple cursed. Can’t do squat with my Iphone 3GS anymore.

    1. I’m having the same problem. I can assure you that reinstalling iTunes doesn’t work ’cause I’ve tried and I still can’t get it to work to downgrade back to iOS 9.3.3 on my iPhone 6s tho. — kik me if anything, please. kb030788

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