5 Ways To Fix Contacts Not Syncing Issue On HTC One X

In this article we will show 5 Ways To Fix Contacts Not Syncing Issue On HTC One X. The collection of data and accumulation of details, information and knowledge is something that every modern technological device is preprogrammed and engineered to do. When it however fails to do so, it is an indication that something is terribly wrong with the device. In mobiles, users mostly face this issue with the syncing on contacts. This is a huge downside and can result in the inability to perform certain actions due to the absence of contact or recipients. Users of the HTC One X who have experienced this issue demand to know how to fix it. To list a few fixes, you have:

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5 Ways To Fix Contacts Not Syncing Issue On HTC One X

5 Ways To Fix Contacts Not Syncing Issue On HTC One X


Clear the cache

Moving into the applications setting, the first and foremost option you have is to clear the cache  of the app. Move into Settings and from there to All Apps, select Google and remove the cache. Clear the data and also press Force stop. Then reboot your device and launch your Google account. Contacts should sync just fine now.

Check if any passcode is enabled on your Google account

At times users place a passcode on their Google account and this hinders the appropriate syncing of contacts. Make sure that your Google account does not have a passcode protection in order for you to be able to successful sync your contacts. If by any chance there is a passcode enabled then head over to your Google account’s settings and remove the password protection.

 Remove your Google account

You could also try removing your Google account from your phone. Disassociating your account entirely and then re-adding it does the trick. Some users hence deduce that it is a network issue or a simple tweaking issue.

 Download a sync manager

Many users also found that using a sync manager solved the issue for them. There are multiple sync managers that can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. Depending on the services that you need, select your sync manager of choice and continue with syncing your contacts. Download this one 

 Check if your contacts are listed in your Google account

Most of the times users do not have their contacts listed in their Google accounts. This is precisely why syncing the contacts fails. Check up in your Google account’s contacts if your desired contacts exist. Once you get sure about that, use any of the above listed means of syncing them.