Top Best Case Protectors for Apple Watch

Scratch on Apple Watch’s body cannot be avoided. As a device which is worn almost all the time makes Apple Watch vulnerable to scratches. Apple Watch body are made of Aluminum, stainless steel, and gold. Those 3 materials can be scratched even though it’s bump resistant. Apple Watch came with various vibrant colors with are match with their bands.

As a part of wearable fashion and technology, to be able to keep Apple Watch from any kind of scratches is a wish of its user. Seems that the wish was heard by third-party accessories maker to make case protector which is suitable for Apple Watch. Of course, we can find lots of case protectors for Apple Watch but here we’re going to focus on its color. Yup, color. The color is an important thing from a case that will attach to our Apple Watch all day long. We will share top case protectors for Apple watch.

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Best Case Protectors for Apple Watch with Various Colors


Action Proof Bumper.

5 top case protectors for apple watch with various colors

ActionProof Bumper was created based on the need of case protector for sport and any extreme activity. It’s made in Italy from premium, hypoallergenic, ultra-resistant rubber material. 360-degree rubber shock absorption feature and it protects the digital crown fully. Even though it protects your Apple Watch well but it still allows you to access button and screen easily. You even have a full access to rotate and press the digital crown while it’s protected. ActionProof Bumper will not disturb the perform of microphone and speaker. Moreover, the sensors are always in contact with your skin. Compatible with 42 mm Apple Watch and available in 3 colors: white, black and orange. You can get it for $35 preorder, for shipping June 2015.

Spigen Apple Watch Case Slim Armor (Start from $16.99).

5 Top Best Case Protectors for Apple Watch with Various Colors

Spigen Apple Watch Case Slim Armor. is not only offering a protection but also a stylish and sophisticated touch on your Apple Watch. The protection is included all-around Apple Watch with covered buttons and it has 2 screen protectors. Spigen Apple Watch Case Slim Armor. has minimalist design with single layered TPU case which is flexible yet durable and 3 stylish colors: gold, silver, and white will give your Apple Watch more than a protection but also classy style. It compatible with Apple Watch 42 mm.

Apple Watch Case Thin Fit.

5 Top Best Case Protectors for Apple Watch with Various Colors


Apple Watch Thin fit is another collection of Spigen. What’s the differences? It’s not all-around case like the other one, Spigen Apple Watch case Slim Armor. It covers only the top surface of watch while the buttons and digital crown remain like the original, especially the back of Apple Watch to deliver the original Watch experience. It’s easy to install and remove the case from watch. With hard case made of premium hard polycarbonate material, will protect your Apple Watch from scratches. Apple Watch Thin Fit from Spigen has 4 various colors that you can choose: satin silver, smooth black, smooth white and champagne gold. And it ‘s compatible with Apple Watch 38 mm.

Apple Watch Cover Candy 

5 Top Best Case Protectors for Apple Watch with Various Colors

Apple Watch Cover Candy is designed by Dwiss, an independent watch design company from Switzerland. They have done their champagne this product at together with their other Apple Watch accessories such as straps. Apple Watch cover candy is made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which will attach to your apple Watch easily. It’s not only offering the protection for your Apple Watch but also colorful and stylish touch. Available in 5 colors: black, white, blue, yellow and red.

Monoy Ultra-thin Apple Watch Case.

5 Top Best Case Protectors for Apple Watch with Various Colors


With only 0.7 mm of thickness for a slim fit, this Ultra-thin from Monoy claimed that it’s the thinnest and the most lightweight case for Apple Watch. made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) which is flexible and durable. They offer 5 crystal colors: crystal blue, crystal clear, crystal gray, crystal yellow and crystal pink.


JETech Apple Watch Case 42mm.

Another great case that will protect your Apple Watch is this one. JETech Apple Watch case is made with TPU and PC and it provides the full protection for the watch. This case is designed for the Apple Watch Sport 42mm, all models released in 2015. It comes with air-cushioned 4 corners and a slim design and you will have the access to all the features and controls. You can buy this sturdy case on Amazon and its price starts from $6.99.


LUVVITT Clarity Apple Watch Case

If you want to buy a case that won’t change the look of your Apple Watch, then LUVVITT Clarity Apple Watch Case is the perfect option for you. The case is transparent and it is made from top-quality materials, it is soft and it will keep your Watch scratch-free and safe. It mimics the Apple Watch design. It is backed by LUVVITT warranty.


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