5 Common Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems And How To Fix Them

The worst thing about purchasing a new phone is having to find random issues popping up every now and again causing you to regret you ever purchased this device. If this ever happens to your Samsung S4, do not regret anything for this phone is one of a kind. Instead read below and find out about the 5 most common problems people face with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and find your solution:

 Tips for A Better Functioning Samsung Galaxy S4:.

  • When not using Mobile Data/NFC/Air View/GPS/Wi-Fi make sure to disable them for when the function normally on your device that usually takes up quite a lot of energy.
  • Switch on “Power Saving” from the quick settings in your Notifications bar. Backs up your battery for another 8-9 hours or maybe more.
  • Decreasing your screen timeout and brightness to minimal is a great plus point for your phone.
  • Use a dark background aka wall paper for your home/lock screen.
  • Turn off the automatic synchronization feature for many apps involuntarily sync their data in your phone. Besides being extremely annoying, this uses up your phone storage as well. You can adjust the sync duration in your apps’ settings.

 Problem No. 1: Storage Shortage  .


If you own a Samsung galaxy s4 16gb, there is a big possibility that most of it will be used almost instantaneously. At time people have only gotten a meager 8.5 GB left. Above the entire collection of preinstalled Samsung galaxy s4 apps and the complete operating system; takes 6 GB.

People solve this issue very easily, by buying a 64 GB MicroSD memory card (there is also a samsung galaxy s4 128gb sd card) so it can be enough for all their needs and softwares. There is another way of storing data in your phone if its internal memory is little, use cloud storage options like Dropbox and Google Drive. The problem arrives when a few apps that can’t be installed in your card and won’t it for the cloud storage options start troubling you. The one option you have now is to root your Galaxy S4 and start with removing all the unnecessary apps and possible files.

 Problem No. 2: Unusually Fast Battery Consumption.

Solution: This may be the most irksome and annoying thing that can happen to any smartphone user. Not necessarily meaning that your Samsung s4 battery is faulty or your phone is done, battery drain happens due to some aspects you are missing. When your battery heats up, it consumes up more of its charge resulting in your phone dying out quicker.

For one, you battery must be eating itself up quicker for you are running too many apps at once. Try shutting down all your apps or the phone itself and leave it to rest. Maybe allow the battery to simmer down a bit. After switching your phone on again make sure to lighten the burden on the gadget. Learn more about what it draining your battery from your Settings: > More: > Battery!

Sometimes it isn’t even your fault it could be some impulsive Samsung galaxy s4 charging problems. Get sure that you’ve plugged in your Samsung galaxy s4 charger firmly in the socket. Afterwards check for how long your Samsung galaxy s4 battery life can enhance itself.

 Problem No. 3: Overheating.


Not just the Samsung S4 but numerous other brands of smartphones overheat while going through a heavy process like movie streaming/watching or charging. From warm to burning hot your phone maybe overheating due to last-century apps that need extra time and energy to update and work. It is more likely for your phone to heat up when your climate is hot.

Ensure that all your apps are up to date and freshly downloaded from the Google App Store and not any other fraud-like website. Sometimes even after apps have updated themselves they still cause issues, if that happens with you then un-install the app and try to find an alternative to it. Another easy way out is to clear the cache and files of your app.

One more option is to backup your files on your PC/laptop, remove and insert your MicroSD card from your S4 and format the card. This way is known to always solve the issue.

If your Samsung S4 persists on heating up although you aren’t stressing it, then that signifies a hardware problem.

 Problem No. 4: Weak Connection to Wifi.


At times the Samsung S4 starts to drop your Wi-Fi stopping you from spending some decent time on the net. The problem can be either in your router or your S4’s hardware system.

The best way for you to see whether the problem is at your phone or router is to connect your S4 to any other Wi-Fi spot. If the other Wi-Fi connections connect to your phone and create a perfect connection without any cut-disturbances, then the problem is in your phone.

It is said that switching your Wi-Fi on and off on your phone and also going through the Wi-Fi settings usually fixes the problem. It’s worth a try although it may sound useless! Another solution that may or may not work is go to your Settings: > Connections: > Wi-Fi and tap on ‘Menu’. Ensure that “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” is fixed to ‘Always’.

You can also try switching off “Wi-fi power save mode” then type “*#0011#” on your phone dialer. After typing out this number go to Menu: > Wi-Fi: > and switch ‘Wi-Fi power save mode’ off. Also make sure that your router is reset-ed and is plugged firmly in the electric socket.

Solution: Lately there has been many a Samsung galaxy s4 review of how the S4 camera and gallery app starts acting up at times. Crashing and refusal to start up normally may have been the top problems on the list besides Samsung galaxy s4 freezing. Other than that there is; camera not capturing pictures like it should and the gallery not displaying images.

If you are aiming to fix this issue go to Settings: > More: > Application Manager: > All and head over to ‘Camera or Gallery app’ and click on Clear cache as well as Clear Data. You may need to Force Stop the app so as you can proceed with clearing its cache and data.

Another solution you will need to carry out if the aforementioned doesn’t work: switch your phone off. Click on volume up button, home and power on TOGETHER. The phone will eventually vibrate, take it as a signal to stop pressing on Power button. Soon enough an Android Recovery screen will pop up and now you should leave all buttons. Use the volume down button to switch through the options and press on the Power button so as these options can be clicked. After all this your device will automatically restart.

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