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About Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

A first- and third-person Western RPG based on the Vampire: The Masquerade tabletop RPG with a heavy emphasis on character building and role-playing, in which the player embodies a fledgling vampire under the guidance of vampire prince Sebastian LaCroix. The player must serve the prince while getting to know the various factions of vampires in Los Angeles and forming their own political views.
The game plunges players into the dark and gritty vampire underworld of modern-day L.A. as a creature of the night. Players will develop their character's powers, interact with other characters and embark on story-driven quests as they battle mortals and other vampires with an incredible array of vampire powers and weapons.

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Game Modes

Game Engines

Player Perspective

  • First person
  • Third person

Alternative Names

  • VTMB


  • ghosts,exploration,bloody,serial killer,disease,immortality,vampire,drugs,magic,organizedcrime,first person shooter,death,maze,mummy,romance,brawler,insanity,steam,backtracking,multiple endings,undead,traps,open-world,dialogue trees,satire,dancing,sex,inventory,dark humor,slavery,racism,boss fight,necromancy,digital distribution,single-player only,transformations,female protagonists,platform exclusive,rivaling factions,voice acting,corrupt government,bink video,skeletons,werewolves,sequel is in a different genre,wasd movement,fake in-game advertising,ragdoll physics,moral decisions,side quests,branching storyline,questing,black market,real-time combat,lgbt,videotape,nonexistent light source,vending machine interaction,based on tabletop rpg,arcade cabinet,law,in-game radio,theft,vampire hunter,hallucination,skill tree,stealth kill,unskippable cutscene,role-playing shooter,regenerating health,camera shift,psychopathy,heterochromia,mind reading,invisibility,vent crawling,lock picking,working for the enemy,pinball machine,severed limbs,sibling rivalry,chinese accent,sociopathy,ghoul,archeology,sex work,ghostly manifestation,immersive sim,bounty hunting,vampirism,lycanthropy,framing,ancient curse,femme fatale,e3 2004,e3 2003,nosferatu
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