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About Shadow Warrior

Shadow Warrior is a bold reimagining of the 3D Realms' cult classic shooter from independent developer Flying Wild Hog (Hard Reset) starring the legendary and quick-witted warrior Lo Wang. Combine the brute force of overwhelming firepower with the elegant precision of a katana to annihilate the merciless armies of the shadow realm in an exhilarating and visually stunning transformation of the classic first-person shooter.
Shadow Warrior tells the offbeat tale of Zilla Enterprise's corporate shogun Lo Wang as he is ordered to acquire a legendary blade of limitless power by his deceitful employer. Betrayed and left for dead, Lo Wang learns of the blade's connection to ancient gods from another realm preparing to push our world to the brink of destruction. Now the reluctant hero must become legend through a masterful combination of gun, blade,magic and wit to uncover the truth behind the demonic invasion and banish evil back into the darkness.
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  • First person

Alternative Names

  • Shadow Warrior DX11
  • Shadow Warrior (2013)


  • helicopter,martial arts,robot,bloody,ninja,first personshooter,fps,death,robots,swordplay,keyboard,rabbit,remake,puzzles,demons,steam,parallel worlds,backtracking,portals,pixel art,snow,sex,ship,dark humor,easter egg,teleportation,singing,one-man army,darkness,snowman,boss fight,comic book,explosion,steam achievements,digital distribution,xbox 360 controller support for pc,single-player only,train,steam cloud,male protagonists,throwing weapons,platform exclusive,voice acting,ranking system,bink video,polygonal 3d,qr codes,upgradeable weapons,pop culture reference,game reference,deliberately retro,cartoon cutscene,motion blur,wasd movement,first-person regain consciousness,extreme violence,profanity,,fake in-game advertising,corpse,sprinting mechanics,instant death,melee,first person melee,useable vehicles,videotape,stat tracking,secret area,betrayal,vision obstruction,shielded enemies,walking through walls,difficulty level,in-game achievement menu,internet culture reference,self-referential humor,jump scare moment,quicksaving,quickloading,tooltips,movie reference,vending machine interaction,rock music,pax prime 2013,gamescom 2013,e3 2014,same name reboot,falling sequence,arcade cabinet,been here before,boss level,franchise reboot,game with chapters,skill tree,banter during gameplay,ambient music,scripted events,new game plus,portal,aggressive door-opening,dual wielding,fireworks,strategic dismemberment,in-game advertising,on-site procurement,escaping imprisonment,waking up captured,severed limbs,digital
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