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About Pillars of Eternity

Prepare to be enchanted by a world where the choices you make and the paths you choose shape your destiny. Recapture the deep sense of exploration, the joy of a pulsating adventure, and the thrill of leading your own band of companions across a new fantasy realm and into the depths of monster-infested dungeons in search of lost treasures and ancient mysteries. So gather your party, venture forth, and embrace adventure as you delve into a realm of wonder, nostalgia, and the excitement of classic RPGs with Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity!

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Game Modes

Game Engines

Player Perspective

  • Bird view / Isometric

Alternative Names

  • Project Eternity
  • PoE
  • Project Eternity


  • orcs,stealth,wizards,immortality,magic,dragons,crpg,kickstarter funded,angel,elves,dungeoncrawling,dialogue trees,dwarves,good vs evil,sword & sorcery,warriors,gods,single-player only,platform exclusive,attributes,customizable characters,leveling up,human,loot gathering,goblins,rat,party system,origin,active ability,humble bundle,,character creation,saving the world,moral decisions,side quests,recruitable characters,real-time combat,lgbt,crowd funded,knight,spellcaster,pax prime 2014,gamescom 2014,mercenary,pausable real time combat,paladins,gnome,pickpocketing,rogues,barbarians,living inventory,pre-rendered backgrounds,big head mode,rangers
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