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About Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee is the first game set in the fictional Oddworld universe. It is a platformer with puzzle-solving elements, focusing on the portrayal of a weak, underpowered character in a grim and hostile world, who has to rely on his cunning to outwit enemies and overcome hazards. The game has pre-rendered background graphics and uses CG movies of similar style to advance the story between the levels. The main character Abe is almost completely helpless: he cannot use weapons and is usually instantly killed by his brutal enemies if he confronts them directly. For this reason, most of the game involves careful exploration, timed movement, sneaking, and outsmarting the foes through various means: throwing stones to confuse them, luring them into traps, etc. Abe can run, jump, climb, tiptoe, crouch, and roll; in most areas these actions are essential to his survival. A few stages involve Abe riding a large animal known as Elum. Abe's only special power is chanting, which he can use to stun certain enemies for a while or possess them. When Abe possess an enemy he gains his abilities: for example, possessing the body or a ferocious Slig allows the player to shoot from his machine gun, communicate with other creatures of his kind, and even commit suicide, clearing the way for Abe.
Abe is a Mudokon, a member of a once prosperous race which has now been enslaved by the Glukkons, forced to work in their huge corporations. The food factories have found a new type of meat, delicious to all the inhabitants, though no one knows the recipe. Following his stomach, Abe eavesdrops on the corporate leaders' conversation, and makes the most frightening and disgusting discovery: his own race is that secret delicious food. Alas, Abe has been spotted,and the guards are marching towards him. He must escape, but he can't leave his friends to the mercy of the Glukkons and their henchmen. He must rescue as many as he can, and tell the world the truth about what he has found out.
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Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Information



Game Engines

Player Perspective

  • Side view

Alternative Names

  • Oddworld : L'Odyssée d'Abe
  • Abe's Odyssey
  • Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee HD
  • Abe a GoGo
  • SoulStorm


  • exploration,cyberpunk,stealth,death,2.5d,puzzles,action-adventure,side-scrolling,steam,multipleendings,traps,dark humor,slavery,playstation network,possession,darkness,explosion,digital distribution,single-player only,anthropomorphism,playstation mobile,voice acting,developer voice acting,mind control,psone classics,breaking the fourth wall,original soundtrack release,,sprinting mechanics,playstation plus,escort mission,instant death,resistance,xbox live,blindness,shaky camera,liberation,no hud,dystopian world,onlive,portal,sleeping enemies,genocide,falling object,on-the-fly character switching,platform,flip screen,pre-rendered backgrounds,real-time over pre-rendered movies,greatest hits,promo vhs,e3 1997,playstation underground
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