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About Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2

The Need for Speed series returns, this time reverting back to the 'chase' arcade experience instead of a racing simulation. Top speed racing is the name of the game, where you must outchase not just the opposing drivers, but the cops. Choose from a selection of today's (and yesterday's) top sports cars, including the Ferrari F50, Porsche 911 and a range from the likes of Ford, Corvette, BMW, Lotus, Mercedes, Aston Martin, the McLaren F1 and a lot more. The competitive race mode allows you to take on other drivers and beat them to the line. A selection of tracks allows you to not only dodge incoming traffic, but perform deadly jumps and stunts to receive points. These points, combined with the points recieved from your finishing position, can unlock new cars and tracks. The Hot Pursuit mode combines all the major elements of the competitive mode with the chance to out run the cops. They will throw everything at you to try and stop you, including running you off the road, setting up road blocks and unleashing an attack helicopter equiped with missiles. Three busts by the cops ends the race.

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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 Information


  • First Release Date : Sep, 30 2002
  • Followers :51
  • Total Reported Problems:4



Game Engines

Player Perspective

  • First person
  • Third person

Alternative Names

  • NFS:HP2
  • NFS:HP2


  • drifting,driving-simulator,motorsports,polygonal 3d,licensed soundtrack,licensedcars,time trials,arcade driving physics,car chase,police chase,sports cars,enforced speeding laws,greatest hits,re-numbered franchise,cinematic jump,e3 2002,interactive achievement awards 2003
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