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About Mortal Kombat

Prepare yourself to reenter the tournament in the triumphant return of Mortal Kombat. A complete reboot of the franchise, this latest iteration combines all-new mature oriented fighter gameplay with a deep story mode, improved graphics and game technology and new game modes to create a Mortal Kombat play experience like none before it. Feature details include: a storyline that takes players back to the original tournament, 4 player tag-team kombat, fatalities presented in graphic detail never imagined in earlier releases, enhanced online functionality and more. Kratos from God of War appears as an exclusive character to the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat. No official reason has been given for a lack of an Xbox 360 exclusive character.
The story retells the events of the first three games, in a new timeline where Raiden receives a message from himself in the prime future after the Battle of Armageddon has happened and Shao Kahn became the supreme leader of all the realms. Because of this plot, characters and scenarios present are the classic ones, bringing the old to new and starting a new conflict.

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  • First Release Date : Apr, 19 2011
  • Followers :89
  • Total Reported Problems:36


Game Engines

    Player Perspective

    • Side view

    Alternative Names

    • Mortal Kombat 9
    • Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition
    • Mortal Kombat Vita
    • MK Vita
    • MK9
    • MKIX


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