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About Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja is a side-scrolling action stealth video game developed by Klei Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios. It was announced on February 28, 2012 and later released for the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live Arcade on September 7, 2012. A Microsoft Windows version was released on October 16, 2012. It follows the story of a nameless ninja in the present day, and features a themed conflict between ancient ninja tradition and modern technology. Cutscenes for the game are rendered in Saturday morning cartoon animation style.

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    • modern warfare,martial arts,stealth,ninja,insanity,side-scrolling,steam,achievements,artificialintelligence,steam trading cards,revenge,level selection,high score,climbing,darkness,digital distribution,steam cloud,throwing weapons,modern military,world map,skill points in game,upgradeable weapons,humble bundle,,retail games with steam activation,checkpoints,unstable platforms,downloadable content,xbox live,auto-saving,a.i. companion,shielded enemies,leaderboard,evolving title screen,pacifist playthrough,stealth kill,new game plus,sleeping enemies,pax east 2013,nameless protagonist,optional objective,pax east 2012,pax prime 2012,moving bodies,e3 2012,hidden room,forced slow walking,secret past,shadow stealth
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