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About Line: Disney Tsum Tsum

Collect, connect and pop Tsum Tsum based on the popular and cute Disney Tsum Tsum plushes like Mickey Mouse.
The game's story is that Disney Tsum Tsum toys have fallen from the shelves of the Disney Store overnight and need to be put back on the shelves before the store opens. Players must drag their finger on their phone's touchscreen to connect at least three Tsums in order to clear them from the playfield, clearing as many Tsums as possible before time runs out. As Tsums are cleared, players score points, and more of the toys fall in from above.Players score more points (as well as coins to buy new Tsums and raise their score level caps) when clearing four or more tsums at a time. Clearing at least seven Tsums (six when a specific boost is activated before a game) will also spawn a magical bubble (known as a bomb in the Japanese version) that immediately clears surrounding Tsums when tapped to pop them. As Tsums are cleared, they fill up a "Fever Meter" that, when full, triggers a ten-second "Fever Mode", which adds five seconds of playtime to the timer, clears away Tsums faster, and temporarily prevent combos from breaking. In addition, clearing "MyTsums" (a Tsum that players select before each game) fills a meter that allows players to use their MyTsum's special ability.
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  • First Release Date : Jan, 29 2014
  • Total Reported Problems:17




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    • LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum
    • Disney Tsum Tsum


    • free to play ( f2p ),casual,match 3,stylized,cartoongraphics,mobile,collectables,gacha
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