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About Just Cause

The Agency needs you to topple the dictator of San Esperito. Incite a revolution, ally with drug cartels, or go it alone - Just Cause gives you the freedom to tackle your assignment however you want.

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  • Third person


  • modern warfare,helicopter,vehicular combat,motorcycle,basketball,sandbox,bloody,murder,drugs,death,procedural generation,monster truck,skydiving,gangs,flight,steam,espionage,achievements,time limit,building,artificial intelligence,open-world,tank,dog,over the shoulder,swimming,day/night cycle,one-man army,pilot,boss fight,vehicle combat,cloud,digital distribution,throwing weapons,countdown timer,rivaling factions,modern military,voice acting,corrupt government,bink video,polygonal 3d,collectibles,racial stereotypes,non-player character,sniping,checkpoints,side quests,resistance,auto-aim,grapple,useable vehicles,infinite ammo,falling sequence,rebels,theft,dart,onlive,camera control,gliding,regenerating health,upgradeable vehicles,context sensitive,verticality,car chase,police chase,sports cars,notoriety system,carjacking,crucifix,ps2 classics,wheelman,e3 2006,e3 2005
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