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About Just Cause 2

In a lawless open-world paradise, use whatever means necessary to achieve your objective. Use land, sea and air to your advantage and use a wide range of weaponry to cause as much chaos as possible.
You are skilled agent Rico Rodriguez. An Agency asset has gone silent on Panau; a huge paradise with a corrupt leader. Your orders are to find and "dispose" of this asset. The only problem is that this "asset" is actually Tom Sheldon. The man who taught you everything you know.

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Player Perspective

  • Third person

Alternative Names

  • JC2
  • JC2


  • modern warfare,helicopter,vehicular combat,motorcycle,sandbox,bloody,ninja,drugs,monstertruck,skydiving,third person shooter,flight,steam,espionage,achievements,building,artificial intelligence,open-world,swimming,day/night cycle,playstation network,airplane,action game,pilot,vehicle combat,explosion,cloud,steam achievements,digital distribution,xbox 360 controller support for pc,single-player only,steam cloud,male protagonists,throwing weapons,scorpions,playstation trophies,rivaling factions,modern military,world map,polygonal 3d,upgradeable weapons,pop culture reference,racial stereotypes,motion blur,non-player character,profanity,retail games with steam activation,sprinting mechanics,playstation plus,checkpoints,resistance,sabotage,black market,auto-aim,xbox live,melee,grapple,useable vehicles,games with gold,difficulty level,wilhelm scream,movie reference,mercenary,falling sequence,destructible environment,rebels,nuclear bomb,theft,anti-hero,xbox one backwards compatibility,achievement attempt detection,youtube integration,difficulty achievement,games on demand,onlive,high definition graphics,particle system,pre-order exclusive,quick time event,evil organization,completion percentage,gliding,dual wielding,propaganda,upgradeable vehicles,guided by radio,on-site procurement,fast traveling,disc streaming,fully customizable controls,simon says,playstation 3,verticality,slip cover packaging,police chase,notoriety system,carjacking,crucifix,greatest hits,multi-monitor support,wheelman,e3 2009,e3 2008,roaming the countryside,impossible 100% completion,ps3,playstation,...
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