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About Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing is set on Timber's Island and revolves around Diddy Kong and his friends' attempt to defeat the intergalactic antagonist, a wizarding pig named Wizpig, through winning a series of races. The player can take control of any of the featured characters throughout the game. Diddy Kong Racing features five worlds with four racetracks each, and the ability to drive a car, hovercraft, or pilot an aeroplane.
Timber the Tiger's parents picked a fine time to go on vacation. When they come back they're going to be faced with an island trashed by the spiteful space bully Wizpig - unless the local animals can do something about it! So join Diddy Kong as he teams up with Timber the Tiger Pipsy the Mouse and Taj the Genie in an epic racing adventure unlike anything you've ever experienced before! This unique game blends adventure and racing like no other game!Roam anywhere you want on the island by car plane or hovercraft! An enormous amount of single-player and multi-player modes! Feel the action when you use the N64 Rumble Pak and save your times on the N64 Controller Pak!
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Diddy Kong Racing Information


  • First Release Date : Nov, 21 1997
  • Followers :29
  • Total Reported Problems:0



Game Engines

    Player Perspective

    • Third person
    • Bird view / Isometric

    Alternative Names

    • DKR


    • vehicular combat,go-kart,flight,crossover,snow,grand prix,high score,talkinganimals,airplane,vehicle combat,anthropomorphism,bears,monkey,animal protagonists,split-screen multiplayer,mascot sports,multiple characters on box art,combat racing,player vs player,secret area,mirrored maps,speed boost,mid-development ip split,boss level,starting grid,time trials,bots,behind the waterfall,greatest hits,promo vhs,e3 2001,interactive achievement awards 1998,retroachievements,rumble pak,diddy kong,controller pak,nintendo 64 exclusive
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