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About Company of Heroes

Command the company that changed the face of history! Battle your way across Europe as your troops make intuitive use of the terrain and buildings for cover and mount attacks on an equally intelligent enemy. Your Mission. Your Men. Your Decisions.

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Player Perspective

  • Bird view / Isometric

Alternative Names

  • CoH
  • COHO


  • world war 2 ( ww2 ),bloody,1940s,construction,military,real-time,war,steam,micromanagement,online,real-time strategy,tank,base building,good vs evil,free-to-play,airplane,explosion,digital distribution,game critics awards,world war ii,platform exclusive,rivaling factions,original soundtrack release,humble bundle,retail games with steam activation,ragdoll physics,downloadable content,real money transaction,in-game map editor,friendly fire,terrain deformation,cover system,destructible environment,squad,villain,gamersgate,hotkey,realism,weapons swap,tech trees,nazis,censored version,fascism,suppressive fire,tiger i,tiger ii,panzer iv,macromanagement,e3 2006,e3 2005,interactive achievement awards 2007,spike video game awards 2006
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