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About Call of Duty 3

Call of Duty 3 delivers the intensity of World War II combat closer than ever. In this next-generation game, you'll experience the Normandy Breakout - the historic campaign that made the liberation of Paris possible and brought the Allies a step closer to Berlin. Travel with four ordinary Allied soldiers (American, British, Canadian and Polish) as they're thrust onto an authentic, living battlefield for unprecedented combat, with advanced High-Definition graphics, detailed Character animations and explosive on-screen action. Call Of Duty 3 delivers the most immersive and cinematically intense war experience ever. Team-based Multiplayer with vehicles for team-based combat with up to 24 players battling it out online Play as an infantryman, or commandeer multiple-occupancy vehicles like tanks, jeeps & motorcycles
Call of Duty 3 is a historic first-person shooter that takes place during World War II. The single player campaign is modeled after the Normandy breakout, where the British, Canadian, American, Polish, and French Resistance forces pushed into the village of Chambois, France, also known as the Falaise Gap.

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  • First Release Date : Nov, 07 2006
  • Followers :46
  • Total Reported Problems:6


Game Engines

Player Perspective

  • First person

Alternative Names

  • Call of Duty 3: En marche vers Paris
  • CoD3


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