ZTE Beats Apple in the Game; Working on a Fragile Glass Smartphone ‘IceBerg’ with Two Display Notches

ZTE Beats Apple in the Game; Working on a Fragile Glass Smartphone ‘IceBerg’ with Two Display Notches

ZTE is a company known for experimenting with new ideas and even though many of them didn’t fare well in the past, the manufacturer is not going to give up easily. If you are annoyed by the top notch on Apple iPhone X, this one is going to annoy you even more.

While most companies are trying hard to mimic Apple iPhone X, there is the Essential Phone which introduced a bezel-less display with a simple dot to place the camera and the sensors. Major manufacturers are trying to copy Apple but ZTE has taken a completely different approach to notches.

ZTE IceBerg

A rendered design of the phone was spotted on IF World Design Guide. The German website Winfuture was the first to spot it and report much to the surprise of smartphone lovers. While some may love it and others may definitely hate it for being so unconventional, this is what the manufacturer wants to pursue in terms of design for their future models.

The phone is being called the Iceberg because it is covered in glass from top to bottom on all sides. Besides, they have some compelling reasons to use a dual notch on top of the display. The top-notch is where the front camera will go along with a couple of sensors as well as the earpiece.

The secondary notch which is found at the bottom of the phone is where the second loudspeaker will be placed. It allows the manufacturer to provide a stereo sound experience for their users at a time when most models offer mediocre quality on the loudspeakers, ushering in a new era of mods and Bluetooth speakers.

It’s All Glass, Is it Safe?

The ZTE Iceberg is an insanely fragile smartphone even though the company wouldn’t talk about it right now. According to the information found on IF World Design Guide, the model uses two seamless glass parts which merge into one another at the corners.

They call it the iceberg because of the seamless design and the way the phone feels when you hold it in your hands. It’s very similar to holding a piece of ice extracted perfectly from a big icy boulder. The corners have protruding glass material and surprisingly they have even managed to incorporate the fingerprint sensor behind the glass in the rear.

You can take a look at the image to get an idea and the phone is not going to go into manufacturing for a very long time, as it is yet to be approved. Will the ZTE Iceberg ever be made? Let us know what you think.



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