Zenfone 3 Laser Users Have Issues Making 911 Calls

Asus has officially announced that its Canadian version of Zenfone 3 Laser smartphone is not able to make 911 calls. However, the company has also added that it is currently working on a patch that will be soon released and it will fix this problem.

Asus claims that its customer’s safety is its number one priority and this is the reason why it is currently working on fixing this problem as soon as possible so that everyone can once again make free 911 calls whenever they require help.

Reports say that the developers from Asus are working non-stop in order to find the issue and a solution, but for now, it is not known when exactly this problem will be fixed. Unfortunately, it is not sure yet what’s causing this problem, but Asus confirmed that the other Zenfone 3 Laser handsets that have been released in other markets around the world don’t have this issue.

Telus mobile network from Canada has already started sending out SMS alerts to its subscribers, telling them about the problem.

Meanwhile, carriers like Telus have started sending out SMS alerts to subscribers, warning them about the issue. So, if you live in Canada and own a Zenfone 3 Laser we are letting you know that currently, you are not able to make 911 calls. This being said, you would probably want to get a secondary cheap handset so that you will be able to call the police or ambulance in case you have an emergency.

We agree that there are high chances that you will never need to call 911, but you never know when you have a car accident or something similar that needs urgent medical attention.

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