YouTube Upgraded To Provide New Features to Its Avid Users

Written by BLORGE

YouTube Upgraded To Provide New Features to Its Avid Users

YouTube has indeed upgraded not only its looks but also the experience it provides to users. In fact, it has bundled a set of changes from features to design tweaks on its mobile and desktop app. Here are some of the improvements that you might haven’t noticed yet.

  • Revamped Logo – instead of the emphasis on the word Tube, the new logo has been added with an iconic playback button. The red color on the Tube has now been moved to the play icon.
  • New Desktop Look – in this new look, the desktop app emphasizes the Material design of Google into an aesthetic feature. Thus, you can see more white spaces with extra room for thumbnails with less red. You can also select an option for a dark mode.
  • New Mobile Feature – the mobile app has the Material design as well. At this point, more white spaces are used without the use of the red banner at the top. In addition to the new design, users can also enjoy the new features, such as the variable speed. Likewise, the popular features on desktop are also available on the mobile app.
  • Adoptive Player – this new feature in your mobile device would display videos vertically without seeing the annoying black bars. However, this might not be live for everyone just yet.

This should be a perfect way to attract more subscribers to YouTube channels. Well, that is, if you have one. Anyway, if you have ever wondered how to make a YouTube channel of your own, then stick around for some tips that you can use to create it.

Creating A Personal Channel

You can create one that you can manage through a Google Account.

  • Simply sign in to the desktop or mobile version of YouTube.
  • You need to try any action that would require a channel, including how to upload a video, create a playlist, or post a comment.
  • You will be prompted to create a channel if you don’t already have one.
  • Thus, you need to check the details, using your account name and photo. Then, confirm the creation of your new channel.

Creating A Channel Using A Business Name

If you create this type of channel, it would have many owners or managers. A Brand Account so that you can create a channel with a different name. However, it would still be managed from your Google Account.

  • Just sign in to YouTube with a mobile or desktop app.
  • Then, go to the channel list.
  • You can opt to create a new channel or you can use an existing Brand Account.
  • Simply fill out details in order to name your channel and to verify your account. Click or tap Done after doing so. That would have created a new Brand Account.
  • You can also add a channel manager to be able to access the account using a different name.

YouTube is a useful app that should offer entertainment or provide users a way to create channels and earn money if you know how. But that would require another process in which you would be required use another Google feature.



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