YouTube for Android TV v2.0 Goes Through A Huge Redesign

In case you didn’t know about it, there is an update that was released for the Android TV app. It’s been a while since we received the previous update. The best part is that if you look at the version number, it won’t be just a bug fixer this time. Actually, it comes together with a completely redesigned UI, which is extraordinary. There are also a couple other functional changes too. Even though the update doesn’t tackle many of the users’ requests, it’s still a huge progress.

A New Interface

Just when you look at the new YouTube app for Android TV, you will see that things are entirely changed. The basic structure is indeed the same, but the developers moved a lot of things around. For example, you will see the navigation drawer much lighter on the left side. This happens because they removed the list of subscriptions and other options from there.

You will also notice that the signed-in account was placed at the top. As such, users don’t have to deduce it anymore from the recommendations, nor to open the settings menu to figure it out. The color theme also brings some darker shades in the background. /Meanwhile, white shades are used to highlight the elements you select.

Video Player Changes

There are some important changes with the video player as well. Visually, the biggest one is the fact that there is no more big red control bar. This means that you have a much better visibility of the video now. In fact, the new look is quite similar to the one YouTube uses for phones.

Bottom Line

The conclusion here would be the fact that the radical design change made by YouTube is loved by many users. The interface looks cleaner and much easier to use.

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