Younity Personal Streaming App Provides Quality Entertainment

Younity is a streaming app that allows you to access your favorite movies, video and files. It is different from another streaming app because different unique features. It is easy to download and install without any technical difficulties. It is available on Google Play or App Store and it’s free. You can share any high-resolution photos, movies,music, or files through a Younity account. The account holder enjoys various benefits and they can also share it with their family and close friends. The file you share can be streamed and enjoyed for one week by the receiver. It  can be accessed without any restrictions during this period. Your personal information is always confidential and as a Younity user, you will be secured because the Younity team values your privacy and protects your information.



Younity features include:

  • Sharing photos and files to other Younity users
  • Sharing file to outside members through email, social media, and text
  • Unlimited access to your files
  • Unlimited storage
  • Customize music player
  • Minimal usage of  computer or mobile resources
  • Automatically sync your files and organize them
  • Combining social media account such as Instagram and Facebook with Younity
  • Access to files offline


Younity is highly recommended because of strong security and respect for users information and privacy. All communication and metadata transfers between your devices are done over TLS 1.2.n. The information is not stored online and therefore not accessible to outsiders. They value your personal space.

The next time you are waiting for your public transport or have a long flight watch your favorite movie on Younity and be entertained. Listen to soothing customize the music and enjoy your flight instead of listening to the radio that some airlines may provide. Watch your favorite movie, view your personal files and enjoy your flight.

You can find more information about Younity by visiting their website


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