You Will Love The Android P: Adaptive Battery Support

You Will Love The Android P: Adaptive Battery Support

Google is teaching Artificial Intelligence how to save your battery and shut down apps.

Artificial Intelligence is talked about a lot, and we might never stop hearing of it and get more confused. Android P’s Adaptive Battery will use AI for simple actions such as bringing benefits to the way you use your connected things.

What is it?

Adaptive battery support is one of the most effective yet not so spectacular way in which you can use AI on your phone. Your actions will be tracked by your phone, so it will see how you use them in order to decide what apps to keep running when you are not using them and which ones to close.

In this way, you will make economies on your network and apps that you will use later will be kept ready for you to open them.

How does it work?

It is not complicated at all. AI know when you open, use and close an app, even though it does not really closes. Apps are kept alive in the background; this is how the OS is designed until there is no more memory to open something new. The person who builds the OS made a set of rules about it which takes care of the apps that need to run in the background and instantly opens the most used ones. As good as it sounds, management teaches us that there is always room for improvement.


AI can leverage that we are people of habit.

To understand it better let’s see an example. OS knows that you always wake up in the morning at the same time and sit to drink your coffee while scrolling on Twitter.

What these exercise states are that AI can “learn” these habits to give you the best experience of using your phone.

Why will you want it?

First of all, it will know better than you what you want to do, and it will also save your battery.

Someone’s opinion:

“The biggest thing I’m looking forward to with P is remembering the Bluetooth volume per device. The Bluetooth volume needs to be at like 30% for my headphones and about 95% for my car. I hate how every time I switch between the two, I have to frantically lower the volume on my headphones before they blast me with sound.”

Even though Adaptive Battery is not what you expected of AI, and it cannot drive drones at night, who will mind some more battery in times of crisis?



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