Xiaomi Secures a Patent for Smart Glasses Having Therapeutic and Detection Properties

When Xiaomi launched its operations a decade ago, it dived into a wide range of electronic and non-electronic products. While it got a very good start in the electronic space, many of its products or technologies were found to be similar to the ones offered by other companies. Many tech critics labeled it as a ‘copycat’ and dubbed it as a company that lacked innovation and new ideas. While they seldom questioned the quality of the products launched by Xiaomi, they felt it didn’t offer anything that was clutter-breaking or innovative.

Xiaomi made a conscious effort to rise above this criticism and in the last couple of years, managed to shed its image of being an ‘un-innovative’ electronic company with the wide range of innovative products and technology it came up with. The brand invested in carrying out extensive R&D and that has resulted in it churning out high-quality and groundbreaking products from time to time. Recently, the company managed to secure a new patent. The patent is for a “smart glasses and glasses case” and has been filed by Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co. Ltd.

When one looks at the details of the patented product, one realizes it is a smart-glass and a glasses case that has detection and treatment properties. The details also highlight the fact that the device produces therapeutic signals which also comprise sound wave signals and phototherapy signals like ultraviolet signals, laser signals, infrared signals, and visible light signals that help in treating cognitive diseases of different kinds.

The light therapy signal helps in treating brain or mental diseases. The sound wave signals are effective in curing headaches and fatigue. Electromagnetic waves play a vital role in improving blood circulation in the brain. Apart from the aforementioned information, there is not much that one knows about the product at the moment. However, it is quite apparent that the device will come armed with several features including a robust speaker and sound transmission technology. There is a possibility of the product being launched in a niche market first and then getting distributed in wider, commercial markets.

If Xiaomi takes the decision to mass-produce this product, it wouldn’t be the first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in China to launch smart-glasses. Huawei has already come up with two generations of its Gentle Monster Smart Glasses. The smart glasses give one protection from ultra-violet rays and also enable you to attend calls on your phone. Featuring a microphone and dual speakers, they also have the ability to play and pause audio tracks.

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