Xiaomi Might Develop the Android One Phone

Xiaomi Might Develop the Android One Phone

Back when Google Company made the announcement for Android Go initiative at the I/O 2017 in May, one thing was certain: they are not planning on replacing Android One, but Android Go is only a set of applications and configurations made for constrained hardware, while Android One offers an authentic Android experience on budget phones. However, the latest information was just revealed and included the fact that Android One will be developed by Xiaomi.

The idea behind the Android One was to provide a pure Android experience for the users and to make that in a more affordable manner. Google Company gave the OEMs a lot more freedom to develop the hardware and the appearance of the mobile phones, because it learned that the consumers usually like a more expensive range of devices with more power. On the other hand, now the idealized Android experience is not something everyone can afford, but there is a great need for Android One devices to fill the gap left by Nexus.

One of the biggest clues that hinted the collaboration between Xiaomi and Google is found on the Indonesian website entitled Krispitech, which showed an image of a Xiaomi Mi 5X whose description was modified in order to mention that it was an Android One-based phone. Some people consider this partnership quite odd, since Xiaomi MIUI’s ROM is almost completely removed and it can be mistaken for a different operating system from Android. On top of that, Xiaomi does not ship with Google Play Services, Google Play Store and applications.

Even if the collaboration may seem odd in the eyes of most customers, there is no doubt that Xiaomi makes quality devices that have a great success at the moment when they are released, not to mention the smartphones are incredibly affordable. However, nobody seems to know how the two companies reached a common ground and started the partnership, but the Android One is a highly-anticipated phone.

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