Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router Youth Edition, Original Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi Amplifier, and Xiaomi Water Quality TDS Tester Pen

Today, we cannot live without the Internet. Our smartphone, laptop, and tablet at home, all need the Internet. One of the devices that can cover all these needs is a Wi-Fi router.

There’re many Wi-Fi routers with different functions and designs, one of them is Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router Youth Edition. It’s a new router from Xiaomi with affordable price, you can pre-order for only $24.38 at Let’s take a look this device further.


Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router Youth Edition is amazingly small for a router category. Its dimension is only 13 x 9 x 3 cm with the front thickness less than 2 cm, and it is very light – only 0.2 kg. That’s because of the miniaturization of PCB component up to 60%. The white color of this device makes it looks exceptional. Its design reminds us to a magic trackpad from Apple. The adjustable antenna is placed on the left and right side, and it looks symmetric.




Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router Youth Edition uses a MTK7628N processor and 64M of ROM to make a stable connection even though many devices are connected to it. The combination between chip and antenna allow the signal from this device to be easily received to many interferences. It has a technology of Wi-Fi 802.11n and LAN, which can provide the speed up to 300Mbps. The security feature, like an intercept the malicious URL, prevent loiter network, and so on, give this router a plus point.



On the back of this device, there are 2 LAN, 1 WAN port, and Micro USB port for power port. With a USB power input interface, you can use your power bank to turn it on.



Last words:

With an excellent quality and design, premium look, thin, great processor and ROM, chip enhance level signal, security feature, and affordable price, make Xiaomi Mi Wi-Fi worth to have. You can pre-order it at for only $24.38 until August 31th.

The Other Products

Original Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier

The other product related to Wi-Fi signal is the Original Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier. This device can complete a Wi-Fi router of your home or office. It can strengthen the Wi-Fi signal from a router, so it can reach all corners of your house. With USB interface, you can plug it to your Wi-Fi router or other USB device to turn it on. Its dimension is similar with a small USB stick and rotatable up to 180 degrees. Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier can upgraded automatically without any setting. It’s really a great thing. This device can update the firmware automatically. It’s only $8.78 at



Xiaomi Water Quality TDS Tester Pen

One more interesting product from Xiaomi is Xiaomi Water Quality TDS Tester Pen. This device has the capability to test out the quality of water accurately. The purity of the water can be seen by the number in ppm unit.



XiaoMi Water Quality TDS Tester Pen uses a low power chip and auto power off with waterproof, anti-rust and anti-corrosion function. This device only need two replaceable built-in fastener batteries.

XiaoMi Water Quality TDS Tester Pen can detect the water contents, such as Calcium, Coluble salt, Amonium asetate, SIPE, Ionic organic compound, Chromium, Zync, Lead, Copper, heavy metal ion with the error range only 2%. It can be use on the running water, boiled water, barreled pure water, water station, filteres water, and fish tank water.



With only $9.20 at, you can check the purity of your drinking water.

Technobezz disclaimer: this is a sponsored post.

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