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Xiaomi Mi A1 Soon To Be Available with Oreo Update

After the company gave the green light to the Oreo update for Xiaomi Mi A1, it seems that it’s now postponed after some issues were registered.

The device was first launched with Android 7.1.2 Nougat in September last year and it was set to get the Oreo updated starting on December 31st.  After they installed the upgrade, lots of users complained of its performance, so they decided it was for the best to work on it for a little more time.


Xiaomi Mi A1 was the first device from the Mi line to get the Android Oreo, which was set to bring features like Picture-in-Picture mode, Smart text selection and Notification dots. Adaptive App icons and a faster reboot were added by the company, too, together with Auto-fill and some background limits.  It’s good that the company was looking for beta testers to give them feedback.

What went wrong?

Apparently, users stated that their dialer and camera had issues which lead to the complete freeze of the apps. Also, the fingerprint sensor suddenly became inactive and the ambient light sensor was to slow. There were even issues with the battery, which was draining faster than it should have, once the Bluetooth was activated.

But the forums were not late in this discussion. Apparently, these issues might happen because of the MyJio app. India was said to have the exact same problems. So it’s recommended to first uninstall the MyJio app. The delaying in making the calls is the result of the MyJio app, that’s causing ANR when a call is being made or received. Another way to solve this problem is to disable its permission with the other apps.

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