Xiaomi Mi 7 Release Date, Specs and Face Recognition Technology

Xiaomi Mi 7 Release Date, Specs and Face Recognition Technology

Xiaomi is by far one of the biggest phone companies that want to push the latest, top of the line phones up onto the market. Of course, there are others that do the same thing which makes for some very interesting competition. However, the Chinese company seems to want to bring everything to the table with the daring Xiaomi Mi 7 phone, the supposed flagship phone for Xiaomi this year. Now, we managed to take a small peek at all the specs of this phone and we can say that we are impressed and we cannot wait to get our hand on it and test it out for ourselves.

We would also like to share all these info that we have found out with you so that you can get a sense of what this phone is going to be like.

Apple’s top notch to make a return

Would this really be surprising? Honestly, so far we have so many companies decide to borrow and adapt the top-notch design that Apple brought to the market with iPhone X that we admit that a part of us was certain that Xiaomi would do the same. Does this mean that we are complaining? No, the top-notch display does have its perks and it is understandable why the Chinese company would decide to use it as well.

A couple of leaked images that are alleged photos of the Xiaomi Mi 7 show us that the phones will definitely have this form of display. We have also seen that Xiaomi didn’t want to risk it all and go with an entirely bezel-less screen since we can see that the phone has a narrow bezel on the bottom.

Moreover, we have also seen that the phones are not going to have a physical home bottom on the bottom of the screen.

Xiaomi Mi 7

Xiaomi Mi 7 Display

The display is certainly not one to be overlooked. Allegedly the device is going to come with an OLED display. If that wasn’t enough, the resolution of the phone is said to be a full HD+ one and the aspect ratio of the phone is going to be 18:9. And the display of the phone is going to be a 5.6-inch one so from what we can already tell, you will most likely need to use two hands in order to use this phone.

Xiaomi Mi 7 3D facial recognition technology

Indeed, there was a rumor going around that stated that the Mi 7 will probably come equipped with Face ID recognition technology. However, this report clashed with other pictures of the phones, including the poster that was supposedly leaked. Now, if this technology would really be integrated it would mean that the release date of the phone will have to be pushed back to Q3 2018, but we are going to talk more about the release date later on. So, in a nutshell, try to take this with a grain of salt since things are not really set in stone by now.

Xiaomi Mi 7 cameras

Xiaomi was never one to shy away from making sure that their cameras correspond with the new technology that keeps coming out year after year and the work that they have put into the Xiaomi Mi 7 is an indicator of that.

Form what we have heard, we will probably see dual 16MP cameras and on the front end, we can expect to see a 13 MP sensor. If that does not ensure that you are going to take some good Selfies then we do not know what will.

Xiaomi Mi 7 RAM and Storage options and processor

Xiaomi Mi 7 is set to come out with massive 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Reports also state that we can expect the Chinese phone company to offer a 64 GB and a 256 GB variant as well on the market. This fits in with a recent trend where phone companies offer this option to customers, allowing them the option to choose the amount of storage that they think is enough in order to store all the data, the documents, the music, the songs, apps etcetera.

Xiaomi Mi 7

Xiaomi Mi 7 Battery

We do not know if this is the truth but if what we got our hand on is, in fact, the reality then we can expect Xiaomi Mi 7 to have a whopping 4,480mAh battery. We are more than certain that such a powerful battery would be able to last all throughout the day and in the case that it won’t there is always the option of carrying a power bank around you to charge your phone on the go.

Our only concern is that Xiaomi is not going to go through the same problem that Samsung had to deal with, namely having phones around that exploded because of the battery. We will have to keep our fingers crossed.

Xiaomi Mi 7 Release date

We finally got around to the part that everyone is interested in. A leaked poster of the smartphone surfaced online and on it, we could make out the release date as being the 27th of May. There is not a lot of time left until that day will come so we are hoping that this leak is not fake so that Xiaomi will release the phone then.

However, if testing is not done until then we may see an announcement of a possible release date setback coming from the Chinese company but we are honestly hoping that that won’t happen.Xiaomi Mi 7 Release date.



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