One Charger For All Devices — xDynamo Solo 45W USB-C PD Charger By Xcentz

Whether you are a businessman who has to travel frequently or move from one place to another for doing presentations, I bet you can’t leave your place without a laptop or tablet. We won’t even mention the smartphone because it is always the first on the list. Packing and repacking the chargers can be tiring sometimes. The worst part of it the fact that you may forget or unintentionally leave one of them on your desk. Thats why having a universal adapter like Xcentz xDynamo Solo USB-C Power Delivery Charger can be a great idea. Even if the charger that comes with your device is still in good condition.

Universal Charger


xDynamo Solo 45W USB-C PD Charger — One Charger For All Devices

About Xcentz

The product we are going to talk about is created by Xcentz. It’s an emerging innovative hardware producer of mobile phone accessories, smart wearables, and devices for the smart home. The company was found two years ago (January 2018), but they commit to making excellent products for their consumers.

They are not only focusing on quality, safeness, they also focus on the design. All the Xcentz products we reviewed before — from wireless headphones to power bank— have simple yet premium designs and materials. Those products are still working perfectly after months of use since I reviewed them.

Universal Compatibility 

xDynamo Solo Power Delivery Charger

Why xDynamo Solo 45W USB-C PD charging protocol from Xcentz is worth buying? First thing first, because it is compatible with a wide range of devices. This Xcentz universal adapter can work with Apple MacBooks, Windows laptops, iPads, iPhone, various Android phones, Nintendo Switch and many more. As long as the device is USB-C based and you have a USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to lightning cable, it can work perfectly.

If your job requires you to move from one place to another one frequently, all you need to pack is one xDynamo Solo 45W PD charger and one or two USB-C based cables. Isn’t it much more efficient than bringing three different chargers for each device?

Fast Charging

If you travel a lot or if you are an on-the-go person, having devices with fast charging technology is a demand. You may only have 30 minutes to charge your smartphone before you go to another place. Xcentz understands your needs. That’s why they include the fast-charging feature into xDynamo Solo 45W PD charger.

The charging protocol from Xcentz can fully-charge MacBook Pro 13-inch in two and a half hours. If you own iPhone XR, you can get battery life up to 50 percent after 30 minutes of charging. On the same duration, it can fill up Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ battery up to 70 percent. The result may be different for each device, just ensure your device supports the PD protocol and use the proper USB-C cable.

Compact Size

xDynamo Solo 45W Power delivery Charger

The xDynamo Solo PD charging protocol from Xcentz is designed to be a travel-friendly adapter. The size is 25 percent smaller (2.4 x 2.4 x 1.1 inches) than the 60W MacBook Pro original adapter. It fits nicely on the pocket of your laptop sleeve bag. The weight is only 4.2 ounces.


Xcentz 45W PD charger


When it comes to third party products, the most important thing is its safeness. How safe xDynamo Solo PD charger is? Well, the product uses a fireproof material and has multi-protection features, such as surge, overcurrent, thermal, overload and short-circuits protection and self-matching. Moreover, it also has passed some safety standard tests as they do for all the products they are going to sell.

More affordable price

With all the qualities you get from xDynamo Solo 45W PD charging protocol, you might think the cost must be higher than the similar products on the market. In fact, its price is only $25.99, which is almost half of the Apple 30W PD Power Adapter ($50). They really create the products with the tech that gets you. Does it worth buying? I would say, yes it definitely is.