Xcentz MFi USB C to Lightning Cable: Safe, Extremely Durable, With A Lifetime Warranty

Buying a charging cable for the iPhone is really important. There are some points you have to consider before deciding to buy one. The wrong cable can lead you to some frustrating situations, like super slow charging, failing to charge, etc. Even worse, it can damage the iPhone. If you are looking for a USB C to lightning cable for a new iPhone to replace the original one, I would like to recommend one.

The product comes from Xcentz. It’s a new brand of digital devices that was founded in January 2018. They have many great products such as Power Bank, Bluetooth Neckband headphones, multiport USB wall charger, etc. Recently, the company launched an MFi USB C to lightning cable. Xcentz designs this product based on the consumer’s expectation.

Xcentz USB C To Lightning Cable

How To Choose USB C To Lightning Cable For iPhone: 3 Basic Points

MFI Certified

MFi stands for Made For iPhone or iPad or iPod. It’s a certificate issued by Apple to ensure that the third party accessories have met Apple’s safety test. The manufactures have to pass some tests and pay the royalty fee to Apple in order to get this certificate. However, the process is not that easy since Apple is a big company and they are so selective about the products. The tests include a safety test, overheating, durability, compatibility, etc.

What if my iPhone’s USB cable isn’t MFi certified? The first issue that might happen is, you will get a warning on your iPhone that the product may not work reliably due to the fact the cable is not certified. The other things include that it might take forever for the phone to get fully charged, overheating or worse, it can damage the battery and the iPhone.


USB C To Lightning Cable

There are various materials used for USB cables for the smartphone, but the most popular ones are PVC, TPE, and Nylon. Many third-party manufacturers used PVC because this material is quite strong, weather-resistant, and non-flammable. Most of the original USB cables are made of TPE because it’s not only strong, more elastic, and can be recycled as well. How about Nylon?

Nylon is the other option used for a USB cable. The nylon braided cable is more durable, firm and can not be easily damaged.


Once, I urgently needed to replace the lightning cable for my iPhone. So, I went to the nearest shop to get one. The cable I got was very affordable but it worked well for less than one month. An unauthorized store like this usually gives you only 7 days to 1-month warranty. Some of them even don’t give a warranty at all.

The common problem is the item may work properly when you test it at the store and even at home for several days. You usually will find the issues after 2 weeks or a month. So, it is important to check the warranty.

Xcentz USB C To lightning cable for iPhone (The review)

Dual Certification

Xcentz USB C to lightning cable CA-61815 does not only have MFi-certification from Apple but also USB IF TID certification. The lightning port contains an authorization chip (C94) issued by Apple and the USB C connector has passed the USB IF tests and got their certificate.

Those two certificates show how serious they are in making the product. The company wants to convince the customers that the USB C to lightning cable they sell is 100 percent compatible with Apple iOS devices and that they bring safety, high-speed sync, and charging.



The USB C to lightning cables I found on the marketplace can only withstand up to 10,000 bends on average. Xcentz claims their CA-61815 can withstand over 30,000 and support weight up to 175 pounds (80 Kg). It’s because of the special material used by the company for making this product. They use double-braided nylon and bullet-proof kevlar fiber with the high-specification wire gauge, advanced cable extrusion process, and scientific structure design.

The other plus point from Xcentz MFi USB C to lightning cable is its connector. It’s made of Aluminum Alloy which is not only stronger but also gives a premium touch. Most of the connector of the third-party lightning cables I bought before is made of TPE or PVC instead of metal.

Charge And Sync

Xcentz USB C to lightning cable CA-61815 supports Power Delivery 3A quick charging. If you use this cable and your USB C PD charger or Apple USB C PD charger above 18 W, you can charge iPhone 8 up to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

You can connect this cable to your MacBook and even your car as long as it has a USB C port and it will charge your iPhone at a normal speed. I have tried to use it to charge iPad Air 2 and it works without any issues.


Xcentz USB C to lightning cable CA-61815 comes in four attractive color options: black, blue, red, and silver. I got a blue one and it’s beautiful. The cable has a shiny touch which gives it a classy appearance thanks to the multi-color aluminum alloy for the connector and nylon braided cable that does not only give this product more durable but also looks elegant.

The Warranty

Forget about 3 months, a year, or even 18 months warranty. Xcentz offers you a lifetime warranty for its USB C to lightning cable. They also have helpful customer service that will be there for you whenever you find issues with the cable. I have used this product for 2 weeks now and I didn’t notice any issues.


If you can get safe, more durable, affordable, and a premium appearance product on a USB C to lightning cable, what else are you looking for? It’s a complete package. That is what Xcentz is trying to offer. Plus, they offer a lifetime warranty. Isn’t that great? You can get Xcentz MFi USB C to lightning cable on Amazon for only $17.99.