Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Available with New Improvements

Xbox One X Scorpio Edition Available with New Improvements

This period of the year is a very busy moment for Microsoft. The company has big plans that include releasing the newest gaming console, Xbox One X, a product that promises a lot when it comes to innovation and gaming experience. This June, Microsoft “came clean” about Xbox One X at Electronic Entertainment Expo.  Only a few weeks later, sources were claiming that Microsoft’s “launching frenzy” isn’t over yet because Xbox One X might be working soon “hand in hand” with its Scorpio Edition.

Imagine how happy the players and the game nerds were when they heard that the rumors were actually true. They have to wait a little bit, of course, but they say that is totally worth it.

And why is that?

Probably because with the Scorpio Edition, Xbox One X will step even further than the rest competitors from the market.

– But how?

Simple. It is the first 4K gaming console. Unfortunately, the Scorpio Edition will be available from the 7th of November. It is also going to be a little more expensive than we were used to, namely it can be bought at the price of a little below $500. But has many improved features and a way more realistic design.


At its press conference, Microsoft also announced that until now the developers have been preparing over 100 games for the new game console. Xbox One X will give the players the opportunity to enjoy the newest games (Fallout 4, Injustice 2, Dishonored 2, so on and so forth) at the best existing quality. In other words, all these games and more have been prepared to support Xbox One X new features. The update includes 4K and HDR features.

The one and only

Xbox One X will definitely break some records. If we forget about the 4K feature for a moment, there are still some things that make the game console extraordinary. The fact that it is the smallest, yet most powerful game console ever designed says something about Microsoft’s big plans.

Some things to be proud of

When Xbox One X will finally hit the market, it is said that it will the most powerful gaming device. But until then, the one who is wearing the crown is still PS4 Pro. The things that are most likely to make Sony’s game console fall on the second place are the following Xbox One X’s specs:

  1. One TB Storage
  2. 3GHz
  3. 12 GB RAM
  4. x86 cores CPU
  5. 6 terafloops of graph power (while its biggest competitor, PS 4 Pro, has only 4.2)
  6. UHD & Blu- ray Drive
  7. At 4K- 40 frames per second
  8. 245 watt power supply

To top it off, Microsoft made sure that all Xbox One additional accessories will still be working on the new XBox including the Scorpio Edition.

Moreover, Xbox One X and its Scorpio Edition mean better visuals (4K, 60fps, retroactive screen captures, so on and so forth), better audio (7.1 improved setup), and something that was a little bit predictive for someone as actual as Microsoft when it comes to technology: Dolby Atmos support for gaming and Hovis (vapor-chamber cooling).

If you’re still unconvinced about it, then you should definitely at least explore it when it comes out. Even though the price could be a little scary for some of us, and irrelevant for tech nerds, it still one of the best products to be released that should be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

Microsoft is very proud of its new gaming device and tries to compensate the price with all those great specs.

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