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Xbox One X Comes as the Most Powerful Console Nowadays

The new Xbox model that will be released by Microsoft is going to be named Xbox One X and it will be shipped on November 7. According to the latest information provided by the company, the price tag is going to be $499. Previously called the Project Scorpio, it seems that the final name of the console will be the Xbox One X, a reminiscence of the Xbox One S console released in August 2016.

The information was released at a press event that took place in Los Angeles, just two days before the huge E3 games conference.

Console Features

The upcoming release is going to be smaller than other Xbox One models, and it will present a sleek and minimalist black design. Naturally, the machine will enjoy the latest technical specs in the entire series, but even so, it’s going to be compatible with the current games that are released.

It will have a 6 teraflop GPU that runs at 1172 MHz, paired with 12 GB GDDR5 memory. There is also a custom 2.3 GHz CPU, which means that the product will be more powerful than the Xbox One S and even the PlayStation 4 Pro, which features a 4.2 teraflop GPU and 911 MHz CPU.

The Xbox One X will also include a UHD Blu-ray player, which you can’t find on the PlayStation 4 Pro. You will be able to play games in a 4K resolution, and it will also support HDR lighting effects, as well as a Dolby Atmos surround sound. All Xbox games will have improved visual fidelity, and they will load faster on the console. In fact, many titles will get a free upgrade in order for you to enjoy the full capacity of the console. Moreover, there will be no titles exclusive to the Xbox One X.

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