Xbox One S Bluetooth got its Issues Fixed by Android P

A few years ago the Xbox One controller was released in Bluetooth version by Microsoft giving the company the advantage of dominating the game controller industry. However, a pairing of the Bluetooth controller with an Android device leads to a significant issue: the button used for mapping would not work contrary to other controllers. Fortunately, after the Google bug tracker was changed, Android P has become the solution to the problem.

The solution to the problem

On 22nd of August, a googler marked the issue as fixed. As further information, they specified that the problem was fixed with the help of Android P and Google Git. The reason why this problem appeared in the first place was the mismatched product ID or vendor for the controller which resulted in the set of button maps for the device being loaded incorrectly by Android.

It does not work for all devices

The same googler has also specified that not all devices can be fixed with the Android P magic wound. The controller does not have only one device ID so with a different ID from the one fixed by Android P they would need to come up with another solution.

According to most comments on Reddit, the controllers fixed by Android P are one hundred percent working contrary to the gamepads which ID it the new, different one. Those controllers might still be affected.

Did you have issues with the mapping button of the Xbox One S Bluetooth while using it on an Android device? Maybe Android P has fixed them, and you can enjoy your updated gaming experience. If your controller still has this problem with the mapping button, perhaps it has the different ID number so you might need to wait longer for a possible solution to the problem.

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