Xbox One Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Xbox One is a popular game console from Microsoft, which was introduced on May 21, 2013, and it’s the successor of Xbox 360. The device has a better console graphic quality and it competes with Sony PlayStation and Nintendo Wii. It also has an interesting feature, named Kinect to recognize movement and voice. But, Xbox One also has some issues as it was reported some users. We have listed some of Xbox One common issues and how to fix them.

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Common XBox One Issues And Their Solutions

Xbox One Error PBR9000

Some users reported their Xbox One shows ‘Error PBR9000’. These three easy solutions will help you to solve the problem.

Solution 1:

Change your billing information. You can do it by going to the billing and payment information Settings, and insert the related information to your account.

Solution 2:

Go to your account and make sure that all the information on your account is up to date and correct.

Solution 3:

Restart your Xbox and try to download something.


Xbox One Controller Analog Stick Drift

Follow these simple steps to overcome your Xbox One controller analog stick drift:

  • Try to change your controller battery with the new one.
  • Make sure your controller is updated.
  • Turn off your Xbox One by pressing and holding it for a few seconds, then unplug from the power source.
  • Leave it like that for some minutes before you plug it again.
  • Power on your Xbox and try to resync it with your controller again.


Xbox One Mic Can’t Talk Issue (Kinect)

Kinect is an interesting Xbox One feature that makes playing games even more exciting. But, if there is a mic glitch, it is not fun at all. There are some potential solutions to fix the issue.

Solution 1:

  • Make sure you register your voice to Xbox One microphone properly.
  • Make sure that your Xbox One mic is On.
  • Set you sensor in an Instant access mode.

Solution 2:

Restart the system.

  • Turn off the device and wait for a few seconds, and then turn it on again.
  • Let the operating system to reboot completely
  • After the process is done, try your microphone.

Solution 3:

Calibrate the microphone.

Pres the Menu button > Settings > select “Kinect” > choose ” Kinect can’t hear me” > choose “Start sound check”, try to change the different sound levels . The calibration process will probably need some seconds. The proper sound setting can indicate that the process is done perfectly.

Solution 4:

If you find 8AC8000C error, it means your voice has not been registered on the microphone. You can check it by selecting “More Information” > click “Retry” to check the microphone.


Xbox One Achievements Not Unlocking

All you need to do to deal with Xbox One achievements not unlocking is to delete and then re-download your account. Here is how to delete your account.

Firstly, you have to delete your account on your Xbox One. Next, restart your console by pressing the Menu button of your controller > choose Settings > click Power and start up > click Restart now. After that, you can re-download your account back.


Xbox One Installation Stopped

If the installation stopped on your Xbox One, some of these solutions will help you to solve the problem.

Solution 1:

You have to disconnect the device from the Internet by removing the Ethernet cable from your Xbox One if you are using a wired connection.

Solution 2:

Disconnect your device from the Internet by following these steps if you are using a wireless connection.

Go to the Home screen > Press Menu button on the controller > click Settings > click Network > click Disconnect Wireless.

Solution 4:

Canceling the update download.

Go to Home screen > choose My Games and Apps > select the game that you are trying to install > press the Menu button on the controller > click Cancel.

Solution 5:

Powering down and powering up your console.

Solution 5:

Installing the game again.

  • Make sure the Internet connection is off.
  • Start to install the game again and wait until the process is done.

Solution 6:

Installing the updates.

Go to the Home screen > press your controller’s Menu button > select Settings > choose Network > click Set Up Wireless Network, and follow the given instructions.


Xbox One E305 Update Error

If you are facing the E305 update error on Xbox One, follow these easy steps to overcome the issue.

Step 1:

Find out your Xbox One OS variant by going to Home > press the Menu catch > Select Settings > choose Console Information. Your OS information is the third line below.

Step 2:

Plug your USB to your PC > set the USB as NTFS > select the perfect OSUDT record in view of your current OS Version to have the capacity to introduce appropriately or select the OSUDT record in view of your current OS Version that you recorded in Step 1 to start the download.

Step 3:

  • Power off the system> unplug the system, and wait for a half minutes > plug in the device.
  • Plug the glimmer crash to a USB port of your Xbox One > press and hold the BIND and EJECT catches on the reassure > press the Xbox catch > keep holding the BIND and EJECT catches for 15 seconds. Listen for two “force up” tones or three seconds separated.