WPS Office is an office productivity tool every professional always dreamed about. It gives you the all-in-one solutions. Once you download and install it, you will get all you need for your productivity: WRITER, PRESENTATION, and SPREADSHEET. That is the first great thing from WPS Office. The other one is that you can get it free. What’s next? It’s a perfect tool for cross-platform office because it supports many types of document files. Moreover, it’s 100% compatible with Microsoft Office. Isn’t it amazing? I hate when someone sends me a document file that’s not compatible with my document Software. Thus, I cannot open or read it.

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Bring Your Office Anywhere You Go

The three powerful tools on WPS Office allow you to become a flexible professional. All of these office tools – WRITER, PRESENTATION, and SPREADSHEET – have mobile optimization features. You will feel comfortable continuing or editing your works on a tablet and even your smartphone. Bringing your office anywhere you go, is now possible with WPS Office.



WPS Office Mobile


You can open, edit, and save all your productivity works in different formats, such as DOC, DOCX, TXT, HTM, DOT, DOTX and it’s fully compatible with Microsoft Office as I have mentioned above.


WPS Office Mobile


Moreover, this app is available for various platforms: Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. Thus, it’s suitable for a cross-platform office. Let say your office uses Linux, while Windows is the only platform you have at your PC at home. If you want to continue your works at home by using WPS Office, you can do that without any issue.

Maybe you have experienced an emergency situation in which you need to create a power point for your important presentation while you are on the road. What will you do? With PRESENTATION from WPS Office installed on your iPad or Android tablet, it’s now possible to create an excellent power point presentation. All of the features on this app are well designed for mobile devices. Furthermore, after you create a fabulous power point, you can connect your device to a wireless projector in the same network with ease in showing off your presentation in amazing and elegant ways. The Note Mode feature on PRESENTATION is one of the useful ones that function as a presentation mode. It brings the important notes on the app instead of the main screen.


WPS Office Mobile


Editing or creating a financial report is also not a big deal with SPREADSHEETS. It has complete features and supports various file formats, like XLS, XLSX, CSV files and is fully compatible with Microsoft Excel.


WPS Office MobileWPS Office MobileWPS Office Mobile



What Else?

A Complete PDF Reader


When it comes to PDF reader, WPS Office has a complete and useful features inside. One of them is Graffiti that you can use to add or mark something, including a handwriting. In a mobile version, if you want to zoom the words, you can just double tapping it. The other feature that is very useful for a small device is the magnifying feature. To use it, just long press the word.


WPS Office Mobile

Sharing And A Cloud Service

You can share your WPS Office works with your colleagues through email, online accounts and Wireless. If you have a Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter accounts, you can use it to login automatically.


WPS Office MobileWPS Office MobileWPS Office Mobile




You can store your documents in the cloud storage online services, such as Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Drive.


You can download WPS Office for free and it’s available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux.


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