WPEngine vs. Kinsta – Battle of the WordPress Hosts

If you have been working with WordPress for a while you probably know that in terms of managed hosting, your best bet is either Kinsta or WPEngine. If you are a newcomer and want to learn as much as possible about working with WordPress before or as you start doing it, now you know. Now that we’ve crossed that bridge, you are probably wondering which of the two has the edge over the other one. That is not a straight answer type of question as there are quite a few variables that come into play.

Why choose one of them at all

The reason why you want to get either Kinsta or WPEngine for your WordPress powered website is because these are hosts specifically built around the idea of sustaining a WordPress environment. So while other hosting solutions might be able to assist you in one way or another, they will never be truly catered to your specific WordPress needs the way WPEngine and Kinstar are.

The main definitive element

There are multiple things that differentiate these two from one another. However when it comes to choosing one, there is one thing that pretty much comes before anything else in terms of how much the host can help you.

  • If you are looking for a service to host huge traffic, you are most likely going to be more interested in Kinsta.
  • If your website or domain is primarily looking at a more relaxed, laid back, low traffic kind of style, you might want WPEngine more.

How good is the support?

Support is very important when discussing WordPress hosting. It is a vital aspect of any type of hosting for that matter, and there’s no exception from the rule this time. So which provides better support, or what’s the difference between the two support models? In terms of uptime, they both offer 24 hour support.

When looking at the WPEngine support staff, you will see that it is a combined effort between experts in WordPress and fresh, coming up technicians. That can be problematic if you want the utmost quality and aren’t interested in volunteering as a test subject for someone’s technician training.

Kinsta on the other hand only features experienced WordPress specialists that will be able to assist you with any problem you have. The fact that their entire staff is compiled of people that have plenty of experience and knowledge about anything WordPress related makes it a lot easier for you to find answers to your questions.

How much?

When it comes to pricing, the two services offer relatively similar packages. It is worth mentioning that there is a $30 per month starting pack available for WPEngine but few would deem it worthy as you don’t actually get access to a lot of their features that you actually want. Kinsta on the other hand comes with a $100 package. It’s definitely a lot more expensive than the WPEngine starter pack, but if you want to compare similar or close quality alongside the price, you will want to put it side by side with the $99 per month plan. That brings the two pretty close to each other.

  1. At SkyrocketWP (https://skyrocketwp.com), we hosted our websites at WP Engine for several years before moving to Kinsta.

    I LOVED WP Engine’s support, but I’m even more pleased now with Kinsta’s.

    Most notably, the breadth of their support is beyond that of WP Engine. For example, during our transition, I asked WP Engine for recommendations on blocking off the media files for logged out users of an intranet site we built. WP Engine recommended hiring a developer. Kinsta wrote the code and emailed it to me with implementation instructions.

    I was impressed because, again, WP Engine really does have EXCELLENT support. Kinsta’s is just better.

    That said, the most substantial upgrade was the page load speed improvement. We migrated all 104 of the websites we maintain, host, and support from WP Engine to Kinsta and every single one of them saw page load speed improvement. Some of the improvements were incremental while others were significant, but all had improvements, nonetheless.

    Again, very impressed.

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